FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown Live 1/2/18

Leave your feedback here for POST Wrestling’s SmackDown Review. The show will be released late Tuesday night / early Wednesday morning.

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Tonight’s finish feels like the same place we were a little over a year ago when AJ Styles was 0-2 versus Ellsworth. We have 2 weeks in a row of AJ taking a loss. I am surprised that AJ is so popular despite all of his high profile losses… Brock Lesner, Finn Balor, Corbin, KO and now Zayn.

Kenneth from Vancouver

I liked the Alpha/Usos match, I realize that it was a little dusty and the picking/choosing of when to use replays is a little hokey, but it DOES give Alpha somewhere to go, and gives them justification for another rematch. They already pinned the champs, that can lead to something for sure. But then we go right back to kind of floundering with Breezango and the Bludgeon Brothers. It’s a repeat, and not a particularly compelling one. Are we going to get an Ascension/Breezango feud when the Bludgeon Brothers inevitably go upward? Are we going to get anything at all?

Skipping ahead a little to the main event, I was actually pretty surprised! Some real things happened and Daniel Bryan actually kind of progressed the story a bit. A show that could have easily felt like a holding pattern felt a little sludgy at parts but I think in general there was some story told, some good action, and some more build. I was scared that this was going to be a fairly stagnant show and as time passed I got proven wrong. I’m worried about Daniel Bryan acting a little more heelish in the main event. I don’t want to be expected to cheer for Shane in their angle. I really liked that this was kind of an open angle where both men were justified in their actions and I see that slipping away.

Seven rusev days out of ten.

Baks from Bangor, ME
Thought it was an ok episode of Smackdown. I have no idea what they’re doing with the Riot squad, they don’t seem like a threat at all so why should I take them seriously. I thought Becky Lynch’s return was a waste when you could’ve had her make a big comeback at the Royal Rumble and possibly win. Lastly I was intrigued and confused by the stip Bryan made at the end of the show, I guess we’ll see where it goes from here. Question for John, has their been any championship matches in the past in WWE with the same stip?

Pretty good episode of Smackdown. I hate when referees pick and choose when the wrong person is pinned to restart matches. Maybe Im just a Gable mark, that I just wanted him and Shelton keep the titles. My question to you guys about the main event and how they keep hinting tension between Shane and Bryan, do you think that while they are teasing a Bryan heel turn, that this is all a ploy by Triple H and Steph to get Shane out of power? I could see them being behind Zayn/owens being advised to drive Shane crazy, which it has due to him being obsessed with this entire thing while Bryan is starting to see that power is getting to Shane’s head and without him knowing it he is falling for something concocted by Triple H and Steph.
Anyways thanks for the podcasts and shows and Im glad you guys are doing well. Apologies in advance if my post was not grammatically proper.

KB from NJ
Shout outs to the guy in the ramp with the Wai ting sign.
When do you guys think that Dolph will be back? At the Rumble or closer to Mania?

A limeric, from Andrew in Sydney.

Oh Bryan, what a heel after that!
He helped Sami pin Styles to the mat
There’s no hope of retaining
For the man who’s maintaining
That he lives on an earth that is flat.


Darren from Florida

I attended the show live in Orlando. Surprised they only had one prelim match prior to SD and that was Mojo defeating Ryder in what I presume is a preview of next week.

Crowd was pretty full, looked like close to a sellout.
Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Rusev Day and the USOs were most over, in that order.

Otherwise the show was just kind of meh. Not too keen on how they keep pinning AJ yet can’t pin someone like Reigns ever. The Dusty finish actually drew a good crowd reaction but the crowd was confused as to what was in need of replaying (still not sure I guess the wrong Uso was pinned? ) and the random all the sudden use of instant replay is frustrating when we have seen so many matches that it never is mentioned yet blatant.

Some storylines progressed a bit but so far lately
Smackdown feels a bit stale and now a handicap match that was the idea of the champion and the supposed face GM seems like an odd match at the RR and paired with the Triple Threat RAW title match leaves a lot more slots in the rumble open now. (Will there be a rumble pool this year? )

Being forced to watch 205 here as I normally don’t bother but at least Goldust is helping to add some comedy and the crowd is into him.

Bonus main event match to try to get everyone not to leave and sit through 205 live: Jinder, Zayn, Owens vs Styles, Nakamura, and Roode. I guess Orton has the week off.

5 Shelton almost botches out of 10

Congrats on the new site. Great to have the band back together this past weekend and looking forward to this weekend’s show!

A enjoyable show tonight.

Kristian from Puerto Rico (first post!),

I feel pretty conflicted with the main storyline. On the one hand, I enjoy the shades of grey in all of the characters involved like you guys, but on the other, all of the wrestlers involved are amazing talents in the ring and yet we cannot get a simple 1-on-1 match between them. I, for the most part, do not mind this booking on TV matches, but it appears that at the Rumble the title match will be horribly overbooked as well. Then again, I cannot stop thinking about all the directions they could still go with this storyline…

Overall, I thought Smackdown was a bit weaker than usual tonight. I give it 6 a-yeps out of 10.

Mj From Nj

Quick thoughts:

  • Shouts to the guy holding the Post Wrestking sign during the first segment - visible during entrances!
  • I fell for the tag title change and thought how Ironic both American Alpha guys hold tag titles but not together. Then I was impressed with what I considered a well done replay angle.
  • I’d be way more interested in this US tournament if it wasn’t for the golden-head-of-hair-at-the-end of the rainbow.

Weird Bryan heel turn. Was building perfectly until he delivered the line to screw AJ. Also, how doesn’t this lead to a match with Bryan and Shane. I could 100% see them clearing him for that type of match. Whether he’s then cleared for good or permitted to work his desired style I don’t know. On this flip side of that coin, if not Bryan/Shane, do you see KO/Sami vs Shane and Vince at Mania? I do with major call backs to a bloodied Vince from the KO attack. Especially if Vince needs to be more visible to promote something else in the works.