FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown Live 3/27/18

Leave us your feedback, thoughts on the WrestleMania announcements, and any other questions for tonight’s Rewind-A-SmackDown.


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Lorenzo from da 505(Albuquerque,New Mexico)

Long time listener and first time poster here on the smackdown feedback. First off thanks for all that you do and all the new shows are awesome.

Smackdown was pretty good I’m happy that rusev day is going for a title and not in the battle royal. I’m looking forward to the USO’s vs new day vs Bludgeon brothers. Good package for Charlotte also. Becky just seems to get hotter and hotter. The passion of DB is awesome and he gots me pumped to see him wrestle again. So with the stipulations do you think that Sami and KO win?

Thanks again

Mark from Vaughan

I’m glad they decided to add Rusev to the U.S. title match but he’s definitely cooled off in the past few weeks. Still think it has to be on the pre-show when you look at the other 13 matches on the card.

Question: Do you think there’s another shoe to drop for the Daniel Bryan match? His challenge proposal was pretty subdued and doesn’t lend itself to the climax of a big video package. I find it hard to believe Shane can be ready for Mania when he’s hospitalized less than 2 weeks out. Is the bait and switch coming on the go-home? It’d be ridiculous at this point to turn Bryan heel, which the stipulation sort of implies as a possibility.

Steve from BC

Really enjoyed tonight’s Smackdown. This may have been the best Nakamura’s been since he’s been on the main roster. He sounded way better on the mic both in his backstage segment and post match. Loved the growing tension between him and AJ. Daniel Bryan was great on the mic again and has really brought back some much needed interest to the Smackdown brand in the last 2 weeks. And finally I thought Becky and Ruby had a pretty good match and was a good follow up for Ruby after her PPV match with Charlotte. But I just can’t help but notice that Becky may be one of the most underutilized females on the roster right now. She’s a super over babyface and I’m fearful she could be getting into Dolph Ziggler territory. What do you guys think of a move to Raw for Becky after Mania, to freshen up her character, as she seems to just be treading water on Smackdown right now?


Brandon from Oshawa

I’m going to try and be positive tonight, even though I thought this was another garbage show. I watched on fast forward between intermissions of hockey and I stopped for 2 things, Rusev and Daniel Bryan. Even though he’s being thrown in 10 days out from Wrestlemania, I’m glad Rusev is getting something, other than the battle royal.

The Daniel Bryan promo was confusing to me. I loved the fire at the end of it, but the announcement of the match seemed kind of off and I dont know how I feel about the stipulation. Obviously Owens & Zayn arent getting fired, which would mean they’d have to win, but I really dont see Bryan losing his first match back. I feel like there is more to this angle to come next week, which is about the only thing left that I’m looking forward to in the final 2 shows before Mania.

I didn’t watch the show just read the results but I was confused by Shane still being advertised for Mania. Is he going to be in a wheelchair in the corner? Just don’t see how this is going to work unless if they are still trying to figure out a way to write him out of the program.

I really enjoyed most of Smackdown tonight, but I really wish Charlotte was there to hype her match, I feel like they are really going into WM pretty cold being on separate shows. Loved the Shinske and A.J. stuff! I really feel like that should be the match to close out the show. So let me get this right, Ziggler gave up his U.S. Title and quit Smackdown for something bigger, and the bigger is that he is in the battle royal?

Also I think it would be a pretty fun contest for your Patreons if we could guess the match order for Mania, maybe have a couple prizes for the ones that get it right?

Thanks guys!
Mike from MN

Charbel from Victoriaville Quebec

I want a handicap match with Bryan , i want to see a mega baby face reaction , I think it would be amazing to see the crowd respond to him at WrestleMania,I know he is but he would be the biggest baby face wwe has ! ( maybe of this generation )

I know you probably don’t feel the same but I think the cruiser weights crowds are getting better , I really liked the segment with Ali and Alexander but clearly Ali is the better promo , do you think the segment would have been better in the ring and should triple h start showing up to 205 live show like he dose in nxt to hype it to the crowd ?

I love tjp mon frère

Sam from long island

Loving the aj nakumura story leading to wrestlemania
Daniel Bryans promo was Amazing i can only see sami and kevin winning
Glad they made the us title match a fatal 4 way would rather see a six man to unify the us and ic titles
I Know its just the mixed match challenge but id rather have asuka and Charlotte not touch
I really hope 205 live continues to improve that 4 way was intense

Ash from India

What was the point of the Dolph Ziggler- Tyler Breeze match? They could do so much more with Tyler Breeze. Waste of talent. Loved the Nakamura match and the post match showdown with AJ. Should be a barn burner at Wrestlemania. It’s funny how both Absolution and Riott Squad have now become jobber factions. Ronda single handedly took down Absolution last night and Becky did the same today. They should have stayed in NXT.