FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown Live 4/24/18

Leave us your feedback and overall thoughts on the Greatest Royal Rumble going into Friday’s show.


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Why doesn’t Jeff Hardy use his single’s entrance theme song (circa his 2008-09 run)?

“something, something about the writing on the wall…”

Justin from Milton

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Jalen from Pickering,

Smackdown was a very meh show, but was still a lot more enjoyable than Raw. I liked Cass’ promo and reasoning for attacking Daniel Bryan, but I feel like his promo was too long and had enough info that could have been explained over 2-3 weeks. The main event and post match stuff was really good, but Nakamura’s heel theme stole the show for me.

Brandon from Oshawa

This show was excellent. Everything I said about Raw last night, was the complete opposite tonight. The matches didn’t feel thrown together, they meant something.

I love that they are still holding off on the Bryan/Miz confrontation. I love that they are building Sanity and Almas with video packages. I love Nakamuras new theme.

I can keep going on, but right now Smackdown is miles away the best show.

Terry from Colorado

I guess not the dubstep remix you guys were looking for but at least they Changed up shinsuke music up a little bit. On the positive side I’m glad they are at least holding off the debut of sanity and almas for a few weeks. Seems like raw could’ve used the same tactic.

Lara from Vancouver

205 Live was an amazing exercise in spending an hour on a single match and getting really no one over.

TJP was one and done.

Ali kept some of his shine but was out too early in the match to have gotten anything from it.

Gulak’s master of submissions gimmick was hurt by being unable to get an already significantly injured Ali to tap out.

Tony Neese looked like the biggest geek ever. Utterly destroyed Gulak but then refused to take the win when he had it, and so just like that Gulak taps him out in seconds. Incredible.

Kalisto, the winner and title challenger, came out last but was booked to barely, and luckily, survive a badly beaten down Gulak who was on his third match. Looks weak as hell going into the title match on Friday.


There is one question that all of us Post Mark Maniacs want an answer to, will there be a 50 man Royal Rumble pool?

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Jay from Colorado.

Nothing much to add to the Smackdown discussion, I’ll just say, thank God the A Show is back. An easy two hours for me.

Did either of you see Triple H’s response justifying their deal with Saudi Arabia? If you missed it he basically said “…just because we disagree with their beliefs doesn’t mean they’re not relevant.” I’m really on the fence on the Greatest Royal Rumble and I can’t say his response helped. I disagree with Nazis too, does that mean we have to give them their own Money in a Bank event? I don’t blame them for looking out for the bottom line by making a huge deal with Saudi Arabia, but they shouldn’t toot their own horn about the women’s revolution while they do it. Classic WWE. As they say “the more things change, the more things stay the same.”


Now I know the REAL reason Wai went to Japan months back…

Wai Ting, you King of Videographers, Bronze Medalist, magnificent bastard! Dave Metzler couldn’t unearth this GRAND secret you kept! :wink:

Song is called “Shadows of a Setting Sun” by Shadows of The Sun. In case it wasn’t mentioned!

10 “Ro-Shin-Bo’s” out of 10 (for Nakamura’s sick remix theme)!

I don’t speak a lick of Japanese, but can someone confirm what’s being sung? It kinda has the cadence of AJ’s theme, and would be so perfect for his character if it was.

Andrew from Kentucky

I was there live tonight in Louisville tonight. All I can say is that I’m glad I got free tickets to the show because there wasn’t enough wrestling to justify the price of admission. Big Cass appearing on Miz tv was a huge disappointment for the live crowd and I cant say I’m looking forward to the possibility of Bryan jobbing to Cass. It was nice to be live in attendance for the bullet club reunion though. I spotted so many New Japan shirts in the crowd throughout the night and there was constant chatter about how the main event was really just New Japan fan service. I went to the show with my girlfriend who is a casual wrestling fan. She commented that 205 live featured the best wrestling of the night and she was perplexed as to why the people that were left around us weren’t more into the gauntlet match. I found this to be quite funny coming from a casual wrestling fan since it seems as though 205 live is continuously failing to find its audience on the network. My question to you guys is do you see Nakamura winning the title on Friday? I am really enjoying this heel turn of his and I think now is the time to put the title on him.