FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown Live 5/12/18

Please leave us your questions, feedback & comments for Nate Milton and I on tonight’s show.

Who are your picks to win the MITB Ladder matches and highlights you are looking forward to this weekend.

Tune into Rewind-A-SmackDown later tonight.


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Chris from Virginia. This feedback brought to you by Ruff Ruff Ref, coming soon to a $5 DVD bin at a Wal-Mart near you.

Good Smackdown tonight. Granted, compared to Raw, anything would look great. I felt that the show was solid with good TV matches all around. We can officially cancel the Missing Persons Report for Shelton Benjamin. The Pancakes in the Briefcase spot after Rusev/Joe was hokey, but Miz’s overacting (screaming NEW DAY!!!) put it over the top for me. My question to you guys is for Nakamura: If he does not win the WWE Championship Sunday, how do they salvage him moving forward?

I’m personally picking Nakamura to win as he needs the title for a little bit at least to validate all this TV time. Otherwise, what’s the point? (Wait, I’m asking for a point from WWE?) As for my picks for MITB, I have Natalya winning the Women’s Money in the Bank and Samoa Joe winning the Men’s Money in the Bank. Joe with a briefcase to cash in on either Styles or Nakamura would be good TV.

Thanks and Happy Rusev Day!

Brandon from Oshawa

This show felt really stacked. I’m glad the Nakamura/Hardy match ended the way it did. Its a match I was hoping would happen at Summerslam for the US Title, so it looks like they could go back to it, if Nakamura doesnt win the title. Becky cut what I thought was one of her better promos on the main roster and I think they need to run with her for the womens MITB. Kevin Owens needs to take it on the mens side. He’s been beaten too much in recent months. I’ve always wanted to see a story, where the MITB winner, would throw out random open challenges to former world champions, beat them all, to build them up for the eventual cash in.

Question for Nate, if Vince Russo were to return to the WWE, how likely do you think it is, that he’d want to change Money in the Bank, to Money on the Pole?

Oh and what do you guys think of the Lio Rush promos so far? I think they are some of the best WWE has done in a while.

Long time listener, recent Patreon, first time feedbacker.
How is it, that it takes me longer to watch SmackDown which is a two hour show, than it does watching Raw; a three hour show?
Among other reasons:

  • I’m not fast forwarding through a Daniel Bryan, Shelton Benjamin match.
  • I’m not fast forwarding through a Samoa Joe, Rusev match.
  • And I’m not fast forwarding through a Nakamura, Jeff Hardy match.

It kind of reminds me of the SmackDown six of earlier days. You can also add in Tye Dillinger and the impending debuts of Andrade and Sanity.
SmackDown is not the “B” show, it’s THEE show.

Plus the ten woman tag match was pretty good too.

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Picks for MITB:

  • Men’s: The Miz (Setting up a possible Daniel Bryan World Championship cash-in).
  • Women’s: Sasha Banks (Add’s something to this Bailey program).

Question for Nate: What do you remember Okada’s or Nakamura’s time in TNA, and did you think then that either would become as big as they are now?