FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown Live 5/8/18

Leave us your feedback to Tuesday’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live.


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Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

So we are to believe that The New Day has stolen all the ring gear of The Bar and replaced it with Pancakes. But come match time Cesaro has not only surprisingly found some ring gear to wrestle in, but it’s his own! WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS SKIT?!

Also nice to see Becky recycling Seth’s old trunks, remember kids reduce reuse recycle!

Tonight was my breaking point after a very lacklustre week, I need to tune out of WWE for a while, but I’ll keep listening to POST every week.

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Brenden from California. Long time listener, first time poster/patron.

A really good show overall. The opening match and main event were great. And despite a few sloppy moments in the Mandy/Becky match both women’s matches were pretty good. While Shinsuke was a standout among the backstage sketches I was bummed out by that pathetic Asuka promo and the rest were middling at best. Really happy to see Rusev get that win over Bryan though I know nothing much will come of it.

I didn’t watch this show because I’m so absurdly burnt out that I literally can’t for a bit. Super thankful you guys make it possible to keep up on things. Would not blame either of you for taking a break after this onslaught of content post Mania.

?/10 for Smackdown, 10/10 for the podcast.

Brandon from Oshawa

Smackdown continues to be on a roll since the superstar shakeup. I figured Bryan might lose his match, when Miz won, but I’m glad Rusev got a clean win. MITB already has 3 guys I wouldn’t mind winning.

I hope Andrade goes after the US title when he arrives. I have faith in Smackdown right now, so I have high expectations. I dont want to see interviews with him, about his love for his sisters or whatever other relatives he may have.

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Looks like Smackdown is going in the direction of not featuring everybody every week, which I believe is best instead of cramming as much as possible into one show, but I feel Joe should have had at least somewhat of a presence on the show.

Good to see Rusev get a huge win that took a bit to digest. But, I absolutely do not want to see Bryan in a hardcore gimmick match any time soon or ever again really and he isn’t hurt by this at all. Discouraged Daniel Bryan brings me Deja Vu of Gargano failing to capture the NXT title and the announcers really drove the “Cinderella” angle hard for Bryan. This opens the door for Almas a bit later on which I think is a subtle but very effective stroke of creativity. If I had to knock it, this feels extremely rushed but if it gets us to a non Cass program then I’m on board.


I’m out of carrots. I’m out of sticks. Nothing is sacred. Noone is special.

Asuka loses the streak to heat up Charlotte, who in turn loses clean to Carmella. Rusev is over but consistently eats pins until defeating Daniel Bryan tonight, also clean.

Perhaps I’m not seeing the big picture but I have no benefits left to give for doubt. Asuka WAS special, Daniel Bryan’s in-ring return WAS special … all that is left is a foot injury I experienced jobbing to gravel on a sidewalk. “One in a million people experience this fracture by walking.” I AM special. Happy Rusev Day.

kPoor paige
Im loving shinsukes promos more and more each week
shocked daniel didnt qualify but happy for rusev
will mandy and sonya change the team name or is absolution really dead paige came off heelish when she banned sonya

Monday from Detroit.

Aside from Smackdown Live being 2 hours, I think what contributes to the show being more digestible than RAW is the superior 3 man booth of Philips, Saxton and Graves. I think some praise has been missing for Tom Phillips who I find much more palatable than Michael Cole. Thoughts?

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