FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown Live 7/31/18

Leave us your feedback and questions coming out of Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live from Tampa.

Tune into Rewind-A-SmackDown later tonight on the site.


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Rich in Winnipeg
Overall, a fairly strong episode tonight, with the emphasis on the women’s title story a nice change for TV this week, with good promos from Joe, Miz and Bryan, and a decent match from The Bar and the Usos. With Smackdown being the better quality show from WWE, do you find that you look more towards Tuesdays now more than Monday nights? Awesome job on the G1 shows, and Wai, are you caught up on Saga?
Thanks gentlemen,
Rich in Winnipeg.

Mark from Vaughan

This wasn’t a bad show by any means but I’m beginning to think that in some weeks, SmackDown gets a bump in rating on this forum simply for not being Raw. I liked Orton’s performance again tonight but the dynamic between he and Nakamura was hard to decipher.

Question: If you were booking the Raw & SD women’s title matches for Evolution, what would you be shooting for? I’d like to see Ronda vs Natalya and Becky vs Asuka.

Connor from Minneapolis

Solid 7/10 episode. Not a great show, but an acceptably enjoyable episode with a strong storyline building to the main event.
Smackdown’s tag team division, while it has its faults, is night and day when compared to Raw’s.
Orton and Nakamura’s small interaction during the Hardy stuff was interesting. Not sure exactly where they are going, but I’m still on board.
The whole show long angle with Becky, Charlotte, and Carmella was well paced and built to an interesting place. They have a lot of potential places to go at Summerslam, and I am just hoping they don’t make Charlotte & Becky into another Sasha Bayley fiasco.

2 Questions: Is there any word on the likelihood of Nakamura going back to NJPW given the interest in bringing him back?

Given the state of female heels on Smackdown do you see WWE doing something crazy and turning Becky, or going with a more safe, but obvious choice in Charlotte or Asuka? (Or maybe even a potential call up)

Robert from Bannockburn,1314.

I felt smackdown was a overall fantastic show tonight and really enjoyed it.
i thought the show ran along with a good pace and the promo between The Miz and Daniel Bryan was outstanding. This is my first time posting but have listened since review-An-Impact with you both reveiwing it. Thank you both and keep up the great work guys


Did I hear the Uso’s correctly - Smackdown is PG 13? (do you think they would do this when it moves to Fox)

I think Nakamura’s heel work has elevated him to another level during this WWE tenure. Also, for some reason, Carmela tonight got serious and it made her credible to me after months of being a joke champion. The Becky and Charlotte Best Friends story is already 100x better than Bayley and Sasha.

I also had a thought during Hardy’s promo…there needs to be a Balor Demon vs Jeff Hardy feud at some point.

It does feel the last few weeks Smackdown continues to transform into a main card version of NXT. We don’t see everyone every week, and the story lines seem thought out and build on itself. It’s been enjoyable to watch.

Question: with the other UFC horsewomen reporting to the training center, do you think they do the horsewomen match at Evolution or Survivor Series or sometime else / never?