FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown Live 8/7/18

Post your feedback, questions, and comments about tonight’s Rewind-A-SmackDown.

For Café members, we will have the “DOUBLE SHOT” up later tonight as well with reviews of Being the Elite, last week’s Lucha Underground & more.


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Brandon from Oshawa

This episode didnt hold my attention like the past few weeks have. I didnt like Orton pretty much repeating the same exact promo that he did a couple week ago. Styles promo was decent, but he is not even close to Joe on the mic. Their feud is already better than the whole Styles/Nakamura feud though. R-Truths schtick is just not funny. I’ve never gotten it with him. Its not my kind of comedy. The Miz/Bryan stuff was alright. This was kind of a stalemate episode.

Lucha Underground Feedback
I’m not totally caught up on this season. I didnt even watch any of last season, but this has always been a fun show to me. Just hearing you John, talk about murders on the show, it makes me want to tune in. Its so different from every other company and that is what I love. If I want boring and lame, I’ll go to WWE. If I want good wrestling, I’ll go to RoH or New Japan, but I’m really into the crazy, outlandish shit that Lucha Underground bring. I dont always watch every match, unless it involves Pentagon, but I’m there for the story.

-Darren from the other Melbourne (FL)

Went to show live in Orlando. Good crowd overall. The third deck was covered except for a small few sections but otherwise looked to be full. Biggest pops , in no particular order, AJ (this is where he debuted at RR 2016), Becky, the mention of Jeff Hardy, Daniel Bryan, Naomi, and the New Day (especially the victory at the end of the show). They did have some technical problems with the screens above the ring and the wrap around that kept going out for long periods throughout the evening that may have effected the crowd.

Otherwise a solid show that furthered many storylines.
I really enjoyed the main event the most as well as the Mix/Bryan interaction and the backstage segment with Truth, Shinsuke and Ty

I haven’t watch 205 in a while but looks like Noam Dar is still on it for now. The main event of Hideo vs Ali was a really good match. Just wish there was a reason to care.

Dark main event announced by Paige during a commercial was Joe/Orton vs Hardy/AJ but many still left after SmackDown went off the air. AJ pinned Joe in a quick match. Pre show dark match was Naomi/Asuka vs Mandy Rose/DeVille with hometown favorite Naomi getting the pin

Keep up the great work guys!

Connor from Minneapolis

Another really solid episode of Smackdown. Seems like Smackdown is doing a good job of balancing all the current storylines, giving each their moment to shine. Even though I enjoyed the Orton promo last week, this week felt like diminishing returns. Charlotte and Becky’s storyline continues to be very strong.

I’m sure you have already talked about it so I will just say the main event was really good.

The show did its job, advancing all the main storylines and setting up for what could be a very interesting go home show.


For as good as Orton was last week he was as bad this week. I thought my TV was buffering when he repeated himself over and over.

Do you think we will get any Aj - Joe TNA footage before Summer Slam?

How many months or years has the New Day stayed together too long?

It does feel like a real female tag division could exist. It would help me take Iconics, Riott Squad, and Absolution more serious I’m otherwise swish matchups. Like at least they might be contenders or something.

What a main event ! It will be a great match at summerslam.

I also really enjoyed the Aiden English story and Becky/Charlotte.