FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown / MMC 1/16/18

Leave us your feedback to Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live and the inaugural episode of the Mixed Match Challenge.

Tune in late tonight for Rewind-A-SmackDown.

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Brian from Kenora

I’m just here to relax an listen chill , I’ll prob never post again but I’m a huge fan I listen every week an will continue to . Thanks for all your hard work

Normally I find SmackDown the easier of the two shows to watch. The final of the US title tournament felt rushed when the first round took 3 weeks. Also these “cell phone promos” felt cheap and rather indy-level coming from WWE.

I know most of us rip on Dusha-Bot 2000 for being bland and asking dull as dish water questions. Here’s hoping WWE hires someone who speaks Japanese & Spanish as well as Kevin Owens speaks English, his second language. This would allow starts like Nakamura & Kalisto to cut live promos in there native tongue, like the CWC did.

I’m the first to complain about WWE and their current philosophy of “more is more,” however the first episode of the MMC felt a little different to me. It appeared that all four wrestlers were a little more loose than normal and having some fun, which to me is always a good thing.

I’m not sure why Michael Cole needed to be present to announce this week, one day after not being able to return to the Raw announce booth, but I’ll take it for great lines like:
“Michael I’m surprised you’re able to be here after last night”
“Well we’ll get to that next week”
“Finn and Sasha are calling their team the…BALOR CLUB”
“No, Michael Finn is the Balor Club, they are the Boss Club”