FEEDBACK: WWE Stomping Grounds

What did you think of the show?

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Didnt watch since I have to study for a important test tomorrow wish me luck!

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Alex from Maple

Watched this from work tonight. I must say it was better than expected but that’s not saying much. Main even while a bad match and entirely too predictable still got fans there excited so served its purpose. I don’t like the steel cage escape finish it seems very odd for a face to win like that but it was unique. Overall better than expected but still not good. At least we may get AJ vs Ricochet !

Sean from Toronto

I actually thought the show was not too bad until the Main Event helped to demonstrate everything wrong with WWE today. Hate Baron Corbin as a top heel and Lacey Evans is being pushed too high for someone with her level of experience. I would’ve been happier if the show ended with Kofi vs Ziggler since that was actually decent.

AJ from PA

Really enjoyed the first half of this show. Cruiserweight match was excellent, Ricochet and Joe had a really great match with a surprising title change, and the tag match was fun as well. I really checked out during the Reigns match, interesting that the announcers put it over as the finale to the feud though. Rest of the card was meh as well. End of the main event was great but cliche and the audience just doesn’t buy Corbin as a main event guy.

G1 question if you dont mind: how do you think Moxley is booked? I dont see him winning the tournament so he has to put some guys over. Who do you think gets a win over him?

Definitely a bottom heavy show. Glad they didn’t go with Brock as it made no sense for Corbin to invite someone who could cash in should he win to be right there.

Based on the chemistry between Becky & Seth, are we sure they aren’t just friends? Or is it that Seth pissed Becky off last night, which is why it took way longer than should have been necessary to have her run out?

Overall, I could have made the drive to see this live, I used to complain that Vancouver never got any tv or ppv, but am happy with my decision to not have. That was an incredibly weak main event, though I do kinda wish I could have seen Gulak finally after so long get rewarded, he absolutely deserved it.

Andrew from Cape Breton

Good show tonight. It seemed that because this show in particular had received a lot of negativity, a lot of the wrestlers had their working boots on. Best match of the night was opening Crusierweight match and I was happy for Drew Gulak winning. I also thought Heavy Machinery kept up well with Bryan and Rowan and they had an excellent match despite the weird babyface and heel dynamics. The two lowlights were the awful Raw Women’s Title match and the main event. When I saw Lacey Evans was the guest referee, I thought that if she’s as good of a referee as she is a wrestler, Seth Rollins was gonna get screwed over. There’s something about Baron Corbin that’s just boring. He seems like he can put the moves together but there’s just something about him that’s very off putting. Anyway, I thought it was an overall great show and most everyone worked their asses off, likely because they didn’t want them kicked and their names taken. 7 out of 10.

Show started off above expectations but went downhill around the Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss match. Kofi vs. Ziggler was so dull I briefly dozed off during it.

Main event was an overbooked mess that was an example of everything wrong with WWE these days.

I did have a chuckle at the fact that Triple H inserted himself in the celebration of Ricochet’s US title win.

Joey from Queens,

Originally had no intention for watching the show but when your buddy calls you and offers free booze and food to watch the show, you really can’t say no.

Most of the matches were mostly boring but some weren’t actually that bad. However the kiss of death was that I couldn’t care less about any of the matches, with Joe Ricochet being a slight exception because they’re killer workers. The highlight of the night was the Tacoma Dome chanting “He recycles” and “drive a Prius,” can’t get much more baby face than that.

Overall Grade: 5 out of 10

Is Balor hurt? Also do you guys think Big E is close to a big push? I get that feeling. Maybe Kofi looses to Reigns and the story is Kofi couldn’t beat Reigns but Big E can.

Better than I expected, although we left during the tag team match to get ice cream and came back. Dolph/Kofi was great… For a cage match even.
Main was fun even because I love to hate Baron and Lacey was so over the top. And it ended early so we could watch the main of Wrestle Circus, which was really nice of WWE.

Steve from BC,

While not the best show ever, I thought this was a pretty solid outing from the WWE. Considering the interest level heading in, I thought they overachieved tonight. Aside from the Smackdown women’s match the crowd seemed to be into everything on the show. Standout matches for me were the cruiserweight match, Ricochet/Joe, and I thought Roman/Drew was a very solid match.

As for the main event, while I still don’t care for Baron Corbin in the spot he’s in, I thought the selection of Lacey made sense to the story they were telling. I really didn’t understand the crowd shitting all over this as bad as they did in the beginning. The match may have been a tad overbooked but they got the reaction they wanted by the end with Seth overcoming the odds and setting up a mixed tag for Extreme Rules.


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Brian from New York

Thumbs up show for me. With so many upper card stars sitting out this one, expectations were low, so I had fun with most of these matches. I’ve been enjoying the Kofi championship run and thought it was a really creative way to end a cage match. Hopefully they have someone strong lined up for Kofi because he’s been holding his own with some underwhelming feuds.

Also really happy for Drew Gulak who has been putting in the work for the last 2 years to get this to this point. Thought it has been way overdue to get the title on him as he’s been one of the best parts of 205 Live for a long time.

The main event was handicapped by the booking and the #1 contender, but story-wise I thought they did a good job with the story and payoff considering how often they were signaling the Rollins/Lynch relationship. Now that Joe is free of the US Title, I’m hoping he turns into a strong opponent for Seth.

On that note, I’m very excited to see where The Club vs. Ricochet goes. I’m hoping they don’t waste the match prior to Extreme Rules, but we’ll see. Question - do you think tonight’s involvement of HHH might mean he’ll be involved in the feud going forward? They do have the promoted Club and HHH match scheduled for Japan later in the week so there might be an opening for storyline.

Jay from Colorado.

Hey did you guys know Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are dating?

Becky calling spots during her match took me out of it. It’s definitely something I hate when I can hear a wrestler say : “back elbow”, “body slam”.