FEEDBACK: WWE SummerSlam 2013

This week’s edition of Rewind-A-Wai comes out Friday and will be dedicated to WWE SummerSlam 2013.

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WWE SummerSlam
Sunday, August 18th, 2013
Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center
*John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE title
*Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk
*Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian for the World title
*AJ Lee and Big E. Langston vs. Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn
*Natalya vs. Brie Bella
*Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes
*Bray Wyatt vs. Kane in a Ring of Fire match

Ahh. One of the last summerslams before the 6 hour era we currently live in. When Summerslam was roughly 3 hours most years I considered it the show of the year for wwe. Since the change, I havent really enjoyed a full summerslam card.

Two match of the year contenders here with Brock vs punk and bryan vs cena. I know Punk was disappointed in this loss but he was very well protected since his return and I loved the story going in with Heyman being linked to both men and their successes.

Bryan vs cena was great. Cena sold his butt off and had no pretensions working with a smaller guy. The finish got over bryans knee. And the finish with Randy didnt kill Bryans push dead yet. The awful booking in the Fall hurt the heat but this was a great start to a misbooked and foolish run with Orton’stitle. It took a fan insurrection and cm punk quitting to finally get the bryan story on track and on to its logical conclusion at wm 30.

Question for you guys: did you enjoy this summerslam more or less to summerslam 2014 with Brocks pummeling of John Cena and up to that point Roman Reigns ’ best match with Randy Orton. Thanks!


The main event highlighted how giving Cena was to Bryan here. While the storyline build wasn’t great, the match was fantastic and Cena didn’t have to put him over clean at all. If the end result of the show was to get the title on Orton he could have cashed in mid-match or had Cena barely win and then Orton cashes in but they went with Bryan pinning him completely clean before the cash in. Although this was Randy Orton and just like he’s been for many years of his career, he didn’t feel like he should have been the top star at the time.
This show is also mainly remembered for Brock/Punk, I feel the wrong guy won but it made sense and it was my match of the show. This was when Brock felt truly special and his matches were worth watching, he also looked like he put in the work. It helped that he was in there with one of the best in Punk.
My final note is that I’ve been listening to Eggshells and I agree that I love matches that have titles, so the Beast vs. the Best gets extra points from me.


Jalen from Pickering,

If nothing else, the show felt big. The top 2 matches featured your top 4 guys in fresh matchups and they produced probably 2 of the top 5 matches in WWE that year. Punk and Lesnar had the better match, but Bryan going super saiyan after the spider suplex was my favourite moment of the show and had me screaming.
Looking at this card it’s sad to see that most of these people are either no longer in the WWE, or didn’t live up to expectations.

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Brandon from Oshawa

I remember really enjoying this show at the time, but looking back at it now and knowing how everything has played out over the years, I cant help but think that this was the immediate death of this incarnation of the Bray Wyatt character. One of my favorite stables in wrestling, was Ravens Flock. It was not a legendary group or a main event level group, but it had its leader in Raven and he was actually able to have his supporters. Sure, they were lower level talent and this type of angle is never going to secure main event guys following someone, but it worked. That is what I thought Bray Wyatt would be.

He had his 2 main guys in Harper & Rowan. He had his compound which they had shown in vignettes. When they carried out Kane, I thought it would go in a similar direction, with Wyatt recruiting more people. That is what a cult leader does…except he never had anyone else and then slowly morphed into a supernatural character, that had nothing to do with what he originally came in as.

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Alex from Minneapolis
I remember all the praise this show got and it being the end of WWE’s hot summer streak before a abysmal fall that year. CM Punk had his last great match with the company since none of his matches after this show hit the level that his match with Brock did. I was disappointed that the network version switched to a side camera shot when Punk yelled motherfucker during the chair shots spot.

2 questions

  1. Do you guys think Dolph’s comments about Randy Orton in a interview was the reason he fell so low on the card after this show?

  2. How do you guys view CM Punk’s last year with the company after his detailed timeline of events that he gave on Colt Cabana’s podcast?