FEEDBACK: WWE SummerSlam 2020

What did you think of WWE SummerSlam 2020?

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Andy from London

On the whole I thought this was a decent enough show, and I was actually going to make a case for it being the best WWE show of the empty arena era, but then the final 2 matches happened. A backslide finish and a weak main event was a bit disappointing.

The Dominik v Rollins match was great, I enjoyed the women’s title matches a lot and I think the new thunderdome aesthetic is making it much easier to enjoy WWE wrestling matches. Great to see Roman back, but the men’s title matches dragged this show down for me 6.5/10

One of the worst Summerslam events ever produced. Those last 2 matches were dreadful.

Great to see Roman back and welcome to his new teeth.

Just added romans new Tee to cart.

I hope he doesn’t feel pressured coming back and it’s of his own volition where he feels safe doing so. Missed him.

Summerslam exceeded my tempered expectations.

Randy and Drew was great, and keeps it open ended
Seth and dominic was excellent, as was sasha/asuka


Ok show kept me watching the whole time which has been tough lately. If Auska was only winning one title tonight I would have preferred her beating Bayley. I was hoping she would win both and the Tag Titles to have all the gold on 1 person. RomaN Reigns = Leader of Retribution? Dressed in all black with a shirt that says wreck them all and leave…

As bad as the TV has been, this felt strong from top to bottom. The star of the show for me is Asuka. In particular, that match with Sasha was brilliant. I love the submission transitions they get into.

Roman’s return felt well done. Feels big, feels hellish, feels exciting. Eager to see where they go next.



Felt like every match delivered tonight. A cohesive story between Asuka’s two matches that keeps WWE’s longest running storyline between Sasha and Bayley moving perfectly on course. We had Dominik Mysterio live up to lofty expectations in his very first match. And Mandy and Sonya put a bow on an excellent feud with a great blowoff match, which couldn’t have been easy with the events of the past week.

And just as importantly, the night ended with two WWE title matches that left us wanting more without even having to resort to cheap DQs/Countouts or Interference. McIntyre-Orton had the feel of a main event title match throughout, but the quick finish that shied away from the red herring of using one of their finishers leaves open an opportunity for a hot gimmick match at Payback. On the Smackdown side, getting the belt off Strowman and the big Reigns return sets up both an interesting main event picture and at least the question of some character tweaks for Roman. Even if not, it felt really good to have Reigns back on TV. This is the way you want to leave one of your big shows of the year. All in all, thumbs up.

My biggest takeaway tonight: Otis finally remembered his briefcase to celebrate with Mandy, but didn’t care to even attempt to cash in on Fiend after Roman speared him. Vince putting the biggest prop on a low-card performer is my GTFOH moment of 2020.

Side note: Angie standing on the ramp like a prop was awkward and I wished they at least had her pacing or just return backstage. Even more awkward were the shots where you see a cameraman inches from her, camera in face.

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