FEEDBACK: WWE SummerSlam 2023

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I have loved me some bloodline storyline, but that was borderline some WCW overbooked garbage.

Jake from the Windy City

Summerslam was a mixed bag of some good matches and some just okay. Cody/Brock was a near-perfect conclusion, Logan and Ricochet both had a decent outing. By the way, Logan hopping on a plane in warp speed and actually traveling from Detroit to Dallas and arriving to the fight on time is insane. Slim Jim giving LA Knight the good luck charm sure made me happy.

The main event was not great, it was not well paced and the finish was a stinker. Didn’t like that ending at all, moving backwards in the story for such little reason. Months of character development and growth and independence for the Usos, all ruined. You took all of that work and took a multitude of steps back for nothing.

Just a thumbs in the middle for such a high standard HHH puts on for PLEs.

However, thanks guys so much for covering this show live, hope Detroit treated you well and hope you enjoyed the Tigers game, John. Does this mean you’re getting more into baseball again? Hope you both have a safe travel back home.

Fairus from Malaysia,

Aside from Iyo’s cash-in, LA Knight winning battle royal, and Cody winning clean over Brock, this was an average SummerSlam. Logan-Ricochet and Gunter-Drew did not meet my lofty expectation, while Seth and Finn had a fine match.

Shayna-Ronda worked hard, but the crowd was not into it and I do feel that the match does not fit the stadium vibe. The three-way women’s match was okay but Charlotte’s sloppy offense took me out of it a little.

The main event match pacing was terrible - way too slow (I even had a microsleep during the match) and the turn by Jimmy just made the Bloodline storyline jumped the shark.

Thumbs in the middle from me.

Cody From Maine

I’ll admit to being a wet blanket with my feedback. That show didn’t do it for me at all.

The Lesnar-Rhodes story, or lack thereof, ends as it began, nonsensically. With Cody not getting DQ’d for using the stairs and Brock still endorsing him at the end despite getting cheated. It’s a shame. This feud had a lot of potential.

Then there’s the three men’s title matches, all of which to me had lame duck challengers. Gunther’s reign isn’t ending before he breaks the record. Rollins losing the belt that was essentially made for him after less than three months didn’t seem likely either. And then there’s the main event.

Dark Side timed their Bash episode well this week because “SWERVE BRO!” This was a plodding match with a hilariously bad ending. Jimmy was sent to the hospital by Roman and Solo a month ago. But the idea of his brother being champion is worse…I guess? Is it totally out of character? Maybe not. Is it satisfying? Not to me.

In fact, it felt like the storyline jumped the shark tonight. With no interesting plotlines left to explore, but the story being too hot to end, they’re setting up an Uso’s feud while Roman is away. I can’t say it excites me.

Nick from Boston

A good, but not great show for me. Every match delivered about what was expected, but nothing really felt like it went above & beyond.

Jimmy being the Cain to Jey’s Abel is a shock & awe moment, but it does leave me with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth following a main event of that length & pace.

Roman hasn’t won a match clean since he beat Matt Riddle back in June of 2022 (I think). Hopefully, with this latest twist, we get to see a bit of a shift in his match formats as new non-Bloodline challengers get introduced, or he inevitably takes on Solo.

Nas from NYC

So I understand this was the first WWE PPV in America since WM. And judging by how the crowd sounded on TV tonight, WWE should consider moving all WWE PPVs abroad.

The Usos during their interview with Ariel Helwani last month in London said that their dream was to face each other at WrestleMania in a 1v1. The opener, Seth match and the cash in were great. Everything else was pretty flat to me compared to the high standards WWE has set their shows this past year.

And I agree White Castles are terrible. And them running out of ketchup smh. Criminal.

Safe travels back home to your families, gentlemen.

A mixed bag. Some good, some head-scratching. Rousey/Baszler did bring things down a little. Here’s what worked.

  • Cody/Brock 3 eclipsed the first two matches they’ve had. Cody earned the win the hard way. The post match with Lesnar giving him the stamp of approval was tremendous. Brock was a pro through and through.

  • LA Knight got his moment in the sun by winning the Battle Royal

  • Iyo Sky became Women’s Champion. I’m very thrilled for her…DMG CTRL has to be on the way out, right? Jealousy has to rear its head. The Bianca injury spot grabbed my attention. When am I gonna get Iyo v Asuka?

  • Finn Balor’s paranoia clouded his judgment…HA! Couldn’t resist. Rollins escaped but what lies ahead for Judgment Day could be more enticing than Seth’s next opponent

  • Tribal Combat had a Cain and Abel twist. I felt sick seeing Jimmy betray Jey when it counted. Solo getting speared can’t go unaddressed…

Once again, the saga continues…

I’m a little surprised by some of the feedback, in person this was an excellent show.

Opener was awesome, Ricochet was very over and the crowd was 100% behind him and 100% against Paul. Great match, didnt love the finish, but I figured you would have to give Logan a win at some point. At least he didnt beat Ricochet clean.

I loved Cody vs Brock. Felt like a David vs Goliath story, where David overcame the odds and even won over Goliaths respect in the end. I thought this was the best match of three.

Battle Royal was meh for the first half as in person its very hard to see whats even going on when the ring is full. Once it came down to the end, crowd went absolutely insane for LA Knight. Easily the biggest pop of the entire show as he got a better response then Cody and Jey.

Ronda vs Shanya was a giant flop. Lots of “boring, boring” and "This is boring clap,clap…clap,clap,clap chants. Not sure how it looked on TV as I’m sure this isnt the case, but in person they just seemed like they were rolling around doing nothing.

Finn vs Rollins was my match of the night. Crowd was super into the match, and started to pull for Finn. I did not realize how over Judgement Day actually was, but crowd was very behind them. I was hoping Finn got the win, but for the story I get why he lost.

Gunther vs. Drew was a very good match. Not at the level of the Sheamus matches or the Mania triple threat, but the crowd was very into it. Gunther comes off like a star, I look forward to when he eventually gets his run on top. My only complaint live was that the chops are hard to hear compared to when you watch on TV.

Triple threat womens match was in a tough spot. It was getting super late and the crowd just wanted the main event to come. With that said, when Iyo cashed it, the place did go nuts. That was probably the second best moment of the night (outside of LA Knight).

Main Event was a mixed bag. Crowd was very into the performers, but once the went to the floor you couldn’t see shit. And the Jimmy reveal was botched by the stupid speaker system as half the crowd couldn’t even see his face (see the picture below). Crowd hated the finish as did I, I have to image Jey is going to team with Sami and KO now and go up against Jimmy, Roman, and Solo.

Overall I give the show an 7.5/10, great crowd tonight and just a very fun show in person.

*note how the speakers cover up parts of the screen

So who did you think the attacker was initially?

I thought it was Jimmy I just didnt know for sure untilthe crowd started chanting “FU Jimmy” as him turning was a concern I had. Also, when Solo came out I thought it was weird that Jimmy didnt come out to counter (ie. it would make no sense for Jimmy to watch Jey get double teamed in the back for 20min only to come out later).

When the attacker came out, I even said to my cousin “is that Jimmy???!!!”. Or I thought maybe it was a different family member from NXT or something like when Solo was the attacker at clash.