FEEDBACK: WWE Super Showdown

What did you think of the show?

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0 voters

David from Washington

That was pretty much dreadful. I’m glad I watched while at work so I can say I got paid to watch it. How in the hell did they botch the booking of the Lars match so bad? Just have him squash the three! Instead it turned ridiculous and got no response. Goldberg was in great looking shape but he sure dragged that match down too. Either he got concussed, had no gas tank, or both. At least HHH got his crazy long match to out everyone to sleep with. What a disaster.

Matt Here. I Feels like i wasted my time watching, but was curious as to what were going to be my enjoyment of the show. My two takeaways from this horrible Show : Undertaker and Goldberg need to stay away from the ring and the amount of TALENT LOST in the battleroyale. Its a shame. You guys are the MVPs over here watching this product days in days out. Im trying relly hard investing in wwe, but it just seems like its a deadend for me.

Question : In Theory, can AEW be the “Elite” promotion in the United States, and develop in the future relationships with Different International Promotions, such a New Japan, to present Stars from all over the world on a bigger Platform, like Wcw did in the 90s?


Very bad show, very messy especially after takeover 25, double or nothing and BOSJ. Taker vs Goldberg worst match of the year and I’m a huge Goldberg fan. Mansoor only saving grace.

1/20 for Mansoor.

Noah From Vaughan

I was fortunate to only catch the battle royal, and the main event after coming home from work, those two matches were just so terrible. Question for both of you, Do you think that these Saudi Appearances are worth tarnishing the legacy of a bunch of Legendary Stars like HBK, Taker, Goldberg etc.?

Josh from Southampton UK

When a Matt Riddle twitter promo was the highlight of the night, you know it was a rough show. The rumble was a mess. The man who beat the man who ended the streak lost to the greatest professional wrestler in the world clean as a whistle. And how no one got seriously hurt in the main event was nothing short of a miracle.

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I’m glad the rating went up a bit, because this was not a horrible show. I enjoyed the wrestling on it, really liked the Battle Royale for the spectacle it was, along with Goldberg / Undertaker. I gave it an 11 because if I had paid for this show, I would have gotten my money’s worth.

There was a rumble and I missed it? Damn. I did enjoy the Battle Royale though.