FEEDBACK: WWE Survivor Series 2019

What did you think of Survivor Series?

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Jamie from Royal Leamington Spa

Fun from start to end.
Dunne and cole phenomenal!
Still sick of Lesnar.

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It’s a me, Luigi!

In terms of wrestling, thought this was a very good show until the main event. The NXT Title match was great, and I loved the other 2 main title matches. Booking was a bit all over the place, but they still managed to create stars out of Rhea and Keith Lee tonight. Main event was bad, nothing every got started, and it felt like they were on autopilot before getting to the closing major angle…which was nothing.

6/10 show for me. Please get some sleep, lads.

Tyler from Orlando,

I enjoyed more than I disliked tonight! Just a few thoughts that I’m sure others will agree with - Walter going out so quickly was BS, Rey’s cosplay as Doink the Clown was interesting, they got me so hard with that Rey & Dominik double pin false finish, main event felt cold, was kind of expecting Rousey to come out afterwards. 8/10.

Survivor Series was a very, very good show.
The in-ring action was at best great and at worst, good.
The NXT stars really seemed to shine brightest tonight, further proving that NXT is the best thing WWE has going.
For me, the high point was the Cole-Dunne match. The low point was probably Brock-Mysterio but admittedly, I’m just bored with Brock in general.
Overall, a very good show. Worth the watch.

7 out of 10.

Prakash from Michigan.

I have a mixed feelings about tonight’s show. However I must say I enjoyed it. I loved the fact that they gave NXT the brand supremacy bragging rights. But I absolutely hated the way they gave Rhea Ripley and her teammates a tainted victory. Rhea should not have needed assists from Io and Candice to beat Sasha. The women’s match was not half as good as their War Games last night but better than the men’s Survivor Series match. The only thing I liked about the match was Keith Lee. I had hoped they had not eliminated Walter so early. I loved seeing Shayna Baszler overcome Becky and Bayley. But for me, the match of the night was the NXT Championship match. It was awesome.

Brian from New York

Enjoyable event for the most part. Felt like the down points of the show were the inexplicable WALTER elimination and the general slowness of the beginning of the women’s Survivor Series match and main event. High points were definitely the ways they made NXT look strong tonight. Whether it was that killer match between Cole and Dunne, or the finishes of the SS matches for Ripley and Lee, or Shayna seemingly setting up a major show match with Becky, they all for the most part looked great tonight.

Ultimate highlight for me goes to the perfection of that double 619 and pin attempt by the Mysterios. Just a genuinely cool moment I’ll remember from this night for a long time, no matter the finish of the match. Thumbs up show.

Conor in NYC, from Ireland

A show I was looking forward to and all in all, did enjoy. 6.5/10.

  • I’ve never liked AC/DC and red lighting less than I do right now and I’m good for three-way matches for awhile

  • Sasha broke up a pinfall which made no sense – but redeemed herself with that double submission

  • They missed Roddy’s BOOM – but at least he got the win

  • Nigel was great on commentary. Any word on the Mauro/Graves situation?

Andrew from Fort Erie, Ontario,

Good show overall including the preshow. I thought the triple threat with Nakamura, styles, and strong was going to be match of the night but unfortunately not. I thought the Lesnar mysterio match was going to go long but at least we got a good showing from Dominik. In my opinion, I pick either the NXT title match or the men’s elimination as match of the night.

8 out of 10

Hi Guys is is Brad the Dad from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Good show, the best parts were the elimination matches in third and second with Dunn vs COLE as the Top match. A short show for the big Four by WWE Standards.

Still hate the red light.

Where do they go from here with Brock? Where do they go with Mysterio really wish he won tonight

Thanks guys and good night.

An okay show but too many missed opportunities to really build the NXT guys in front of a bigger audience. Bianca Belair didn’t get nearly enough of a shine, Rhea’s tainted victory and eliminating Walter so early and having Roman (predictably) beat Keith Lee was criminal.

If they wanted to continue to build the big M for NXT they should have had Cole cost Brock the match tonight and had Rey win. Not only would that have given the crowd the feel good moment but they could have had Brock do an attack on NXT which would guarantee a rating and build to a Brock vs Cole match at WrestleMania with Brock winning the title back from Rey at the Rumble and Cole winning the Rumble to get the title shot.

Anyway, I’m off to bed as it’s 04:00 in the UK!

Nas from NYC

There were some things I really really liked. And there were some things I really really didn’t like.

Walter, wtf! Why even put him in the match? Could have been anybody from NXT. Happy for Keith Lee though. Love that guy.

The crowd was super weird. Definitely hurt the show. The women’s SS match was awful. Couldn’t we have just done 3v3v3? Did we really need Dana Brooke and co in there? We had to watch that while the outstanding tag match was on the pre show.

Daniel Bryan could fight my dad under blinding strobing lights and still have a good match. Best in the business. Best Fiend match so far. But still get rid of the lights.

Cole vs Dunne was MOTN. The midcard triple threat was excellent. The crowd though. Give Adam Cole a long vacation. He’s earned it.

Great wrestling overall. But too many negatives for me. 6/10.

P.S. Watching Austin and Taker now. Been pretty good so far. Wouldn’t mind more of these.

Scrump from the PWTCAST

Bang, bang, what is up you guys?

Full disclosure I didn’t watch much of the show.
I didn’t plan to.
I turned down tickets to go see the show live and instead went and saw the Taika Waititi movie “Jojo Rabbit”.
Excellent movie!

About 30 mins into the movie Braden texted me to let me know there was a PWTCAST sign
on screen so after the movie, I tuned into the beginning of the show as a friend of mine was holding up that sign.

I drove home and thought I should just give the show a chance as one of my favorites, WALTER, was on the show and would surely be given time to shine and mix it up with the likes of Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens.

As soon as I started watching he got pinned.

All weekend I said I would rather eat a denim jacket than to be subjected to watching another 7 hour main roster show and I’m glad I got to watch the newest episode of The Watchmen instead of what sounded like a lame duck main event.

Take care you guys and John, there’s room for you in our Instagram group chat that consists of Davie, Braden, MJ from NJ, Jessie from the 6, and Brandon from New Jersey.

Luk from Quebec

This was a pretty damn good show other than the length, as usual. I was worried a lot of people would look weak coming out of the elimination matches but they did a good job booking them, except for WALTER, what the hell?? I also was very disappointed in the crowd tonight, they were mostly silent for Styles Nakamura Strong and even for Cole Dunne? Really goes to show that main roster crowds just aren’t the same as Takeover crowds even when in the same weekend in the same city… We blame WWE a lot for crowd reaction but if seeing these matches doesn’t get you out of your seat, I don’t know what will. Now back to keeping NXT as far away from Vince as possible PLEASE

Jesse from the 6

Survivor Series matches are hard to book. A bunch of people have to take a fall. I know John’s not a fan, but I always liked them. But it takes tact to book them right. Vince McMahon has no tact because he sucks. There were so many unenforced errors, it does my head in.

NXT won overall
Cole vs Dunne was good
Keith Lee got some shine

The opening match was booked stupid
The show was too long; crowd got tired
The Fiend is not a main event character
Lesnar matches are mostly boring
WALTER’s elimination was a crime against wrestling

Take Care

My only criticism of the show would be that if you book a match with 15 people and you rush it, what is the point of having 15 people in a match ? Some of the eliminations (men and women) made me shout. Way too rushed. The rest was really good !!

I’m only watching the highlights so my opinion is scewed but the Fiend match looked awful,
When Bryan turned it around it became fun but the fist half was so quiet
Bray doesn’t seem to be wrestling in an entertaining way,
and this may be a really stupid question but is the red filter just for us or is it red lights in the stadium?