FEEDBACK: WWE Survivor Series 2021

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Dan from Toronto

Howdy buds!

Survivor Series was a dreary show for me. There was some alright in-ring action, but the event as a whole felt stale. If you like sporadic Rock highlights and think Brooklyn’s best pizza is Pizza Hut, it might be your cup of tea.

The crowd seemed as checked out as me, but at least I liked the Faberge egg mystery. I can get mix-n-match wrestling cards anywhere. Angry septuagenarians losing $100 million promotional eggs? That’s strictly WWE turf, baby! And I’m the dumbass that’s going to check in during Monday Night Football ad breaks to see if I can get IMPORTANT UPDATES on the egg mystery. Shame on me.

Bad show. Do not recommend. Big E deserves better. Give me egg closure.

Jesse from the 6

I don’t think I’ve watched any WWE since SummerSlam, and this was a largely unpleasant experience.
Maybe you guys are used to it, but I found all the camera cuts and zooms extremely disorienting and even uncomfortable. I don’t know why Kevin Dunn thinks this is good television.
I understand Roman Reigns is a good actor within a wrestling context, but I find his matches plodding and boring. Which is unfortunate, considering that the entire promotion is built around him.
I also thought a lot of the wrestling tonight was sloppy and well below the level of AEW.
Lastly, why was there so much filler on this show? It didn’t have to be 3.5 hours! But there were so many ads, Rock videos, and a random mini-documentary on Bobby Lashley for no reason.

Take Care

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Dare I say that this show… laid an egg?

I never seriously thought that The Rock was showing up but they were talking about him so much I felt like there was no way they could be so dense as to keep teasing what they couldn’t deliver. When they mentioned Brock, I thought maybe he was the surprise instead but nope…

The upside is that the company ended up hurting their own show. Big E and Roman had a very good match but the crowd was clearly checked out for about the first half and there were even some “Rocky” chants. Putting Becky and Charlotte on in the main event spot (and opening with one of the survivors matches, which are supposedly the reason for the whole show) would have managed audience expectations much better and probably have kept them more engaged.

I very much doubt that I’ll have any vivid memories of anything that happened tonight a month from now but I doubt that WWE creative will either.

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The Charlotte v Becky was dope. Great atmosphere. Everything else was kinda dumb.

I strongly agree with “unpleasant experience”

The only positive I took out of that ending was getting ready for the next N.W.A. Podcast.

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After watching tonight’s show, my brain feels scrambled. The opening was a cracking match, but by the end it was a shell of itself. Dare I say some of these performers will be better off if AEW poaches them.

Two thumbs sunny side down. Egg.

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