FEEDBACK: WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules 7/19/20

What did you think of The Horror Show at Extreme Rules?

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Erin from Brampton

I don’t know about anybody else, but I absolutely loved the Seth vs Rey match. I personally wish we saw an eye ball roll out, but I was still happy with the little bit we saw. Seth throwing up after the finish was an amazing touch. In a way, that was as realistic as it got, because not everybody could stomach the sight of another human’s eye sticking out. Along with that, his whole demeanour after the finish just had me sold on his character. I know his promos can be hit or miss, but I find his body language and mannerisms to be very convincing.

I enjoyed every match on this card, except the main event. Oddly enough, it was the match I was most looking forward to, but it was meh at best. It felt too drawn out at times, and there were too many camera cuts of just water and grass. I think it was an accurate representation of Bray Wyatt from 2013-2018. A good idea, but just boring in execution.

Overall, it was a fun show if you weren’t willing to take it too seriously.

Noah From Vaughan

I haven’t watched WWE in a few months and have usually just been watching AEW, decided to check this show out since I had nothing else to do tonight, didn’t catch the opening tag match but did see everything else. I regret my decision and will likely go a few more months before watching this company again. Im 20 years old and i’m shocked that this company isn’t more popular with my age group, like who wouldn’t like seeing vomit, eyes poked out, swamps, green mist and dolph ziggler losing a title match at a B level ppv all in one show. 1.5/10 rating from me (only reason its not 0/10 is due to sasha and asuka killing it until the finish)

This was some type of show. I think the best match was Owens and Murphy. For the actual matches besides the tag and wwe title match these were bad finishes. If they didn’t want to beat Asuka or Sasha they should have just had shayna come out and jump everyone. It was a really good match till the end. I really look forward to your recap of the eye for an eye and swamp fight!

Andrew from Cape Breton

It was a horror show alright, just like WCW Nitro was a horror show back in the day. This might be an unpopular opinion, but here goes. Bray Wyatt is not creative. He reminds me of Jeff Hardy when he was trying to be Willow. Maybe Bray is hampered by WWE creative, but at the end of the day, he’s supposed to be the star and he could at least try to make things better. It does feel that because the Boneyard Match was so successful that they think they’re good at Cinematic matches, but I don’t think they are. Other than that, the matches were ok but booked weirdly. I guess it is somewhat believable that in the State of Florida, you can get away with putting on a referee shirt to become a referee, and poking someone’s eye out to end a match. WWE seemed like it tried to show off how they can do more than just wrestling, but they’re really bad at it. No wonder their movie division hasn’t been successful. 4 out of 10 show.

Joey from Queens,

It’s been a while since I’ve watched any wrestling since I’ve been studying to get into law school but once I saw that there was a match where the stipulation revolved around gauging someone’s eye out I knew I was in for a treat.

While I didn’t get to watch all of the show because it cut out after the PPV proper ended the show was better than it had any right to be. The “crowd” was lively and it was a fun couple hours to spend not thinking about how fucked up our world is. I’m not sure how much wrestling I’ll be able watching in the foreseeable future but this show was better than what I could have expected it to be.

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Well, I won’t forget this show in a hurry. Neither will my father-in-law who hasnt watched since WCW, who came around with the promise of an eye gouge match, and he left soon after that wasnt delivered on, which was a major disappointment for all watching. He did find it funny though.

On the whole though, I enjoyed the show’s wrestling, which was pretty strong; especially Rey/Seth and both womens matches; with Asuka, Bayley and Sasha continuing to be the best acts in the company. Sadly the wrestling was let down by overall weirdness like Seth vomiting and Sasha’s ‘win’.

The only major down note was Drew. I think he’s performing great, but that match gave me flashbacks to the worst days of Cena matches where we all know the outcome, but we spend 20 minutes watching the babyface fight against absurd and escalating odds. Hope it’s a one off.

7 Swamps out of 10.

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Alexander from Portland

Sasha and Asuka could have been a classic had that ending not occurred. It felt like I was watching versions of their peaks from NXT. The fans in attendance would have been apoplectic, people on the edges of their seats. That ending would have been vociferously booed had it happened in front of an audience. It feels some of the screwy finishes done on tonight’s show were done so the rematches could happen on TV in an attempt to slow the ratings decline. I haven’t been on-board with the Strowman Express gimmick so hopefully he gets something more intimidating. This show will make for an insanely fun Rewind-A-Wai in a few years.

question: Sasha and Bayley seem like the hottest act in WWE right now. do you think it would be too soon to break them up for a SummerSlam feud?

Haven’t watched a PPV since Royal Rumble and started back up a few weeks ago. I think Seth and Rey had a good street fight that was hampered by the stipulation. I really enjoyed all the matches on this show except for the main event. Asuka and Sasha was the match of the night for me. 7/10 overall

Nick from Lansing

Maybe it was the middle of the road expectations I had for the show, but I had a good time. The opening tables match was clever and built well, Nicki showed a lot of fire and heart against Bayley, and even Rey had Seth made the most out of their stipulation, vomit at the end aside. Asuka and Sasha was the stand out in ring match, with a finish that might be met with some criticism, but I like it as a way to build more heat between the four women involved in the match. Drew and Dolph was better than I expected, but a part of me still thinks it should have ended with a Claymore after 5 minutes, stipulation be damned. I’m sure the Swamp match will have mixed criticism, but I was into it the minute an evil version of Braun showed up. It was weird, and different and pushed Braun’s character in ways we haven’t seen before. Even them using Alexa as a representation of his temptation was an interesting bit of character subtext being brought to light. The cinematches seem to be the most divisive things on PPVS but I appreciated their efforts. I even bit on the false finish when they flashed the logo until Bray’s hand popped out. What an ending


… At least the show ended early?
confused larry david

Richard from Peterborough

Hey guys! Long time listener, first time writing in. I thought the show was ok for what it was, the wrestling was average to good and almost everything went as I expected it would. The only thing that caught me off guard was New Day dropping the SD tag titles to Cesaro and Nakamura. I should be glad that the belts are on someone new, but I personally don’t see them as a proper tag team yet, but I’m sure that’ll come with time. The WWE title match really dragged for me because we all knew that Dolph wasn’t winning, and stacking the odds against Drew really shoved it in our faces even harder. The Swamp Fight was very odd. Quick cuts and the dark environment made it hard to follow at times. Also, who were the other people attacking Braun? Since when did Bray have new followers? Old Braun attacking current Braun was interesting, as was seeing Alexa Bliss. Are we to assume that the Fiend ate Braun by the end of this? The fake ending got me, only because I wouldn’t put it past WWE to end it in the lame way it appeared to have ended before Bray came back out of the water. A Nate Milton special of 6/10 show for me. Thanks for all the work you guys do, I love most of your shows (can’t get into the Japanese wrestling scene; lack of time)and they help me get through my commute and boring days at work.

Jonas from Kitchener
What a waste of time. Was holding out hope the swamp match would at least be entertaining. But nope, super boring.
Dolph and Drew worked hard but that stip was so fucking dumb. Why wouldn’t Dolph say the claymore is banned, strikes are banned, you gotta win by a schoolboy or something. So stupid.
At LEAST Asuka and Sasha was decent until the finish.
1/10 should’ve played warzone instead.

Ryan from Memphis

All I have to say is that I laughed out loud when the trainer told Rey to put pressure on his eye. If an eye pops out that is not what you should do. I wonder if the WWE writers have ever used Google? Believe it or not you’re supposed to cup it. Anyone who has taken a first aid class would know.

I thought the show was good tonight, but my gosh, would it kill them to have someone just win a match? Did anyone gain anything from the finishes to the women’s matches? Would Bayley winning clean after a hard fought match have been any worse for Nikki than that BS finish? Same goes for Asuka and Sasha.

I thought Seth and Rey, and Drew and Dolph, both put on very good matches that were hindered by such stupid stipulations. I think if Seth and Rey had just been an extreme rules match, we would be talking about how great it was, but instead we had the freakshow that we got. On the Dolph/Drew side, the stipulation could have been Drew wrestling with his hands tied to his ankles and there wouldn’t have been a single person watching that didn’t know Dolph was losing to a Claymore.

Overall I was entertained by the show from start to finish so I can’t complain too much, but it’s so frustrating that good wrestling is being overshadowed by such stupid booking.

What was that Asuka/Sasha finish ? So convoluted and did not make any sense ! Why ? I loved the match but that was oh so bad.

I’m definitely in the minority here but I found the Sasha/Auska finish funny which is pretty much the whole gimmick Bayley and Sasha have going.

I figured they weren’t taking the title off Auska and Bayley did a fair 3 count but The fallout from this finish is going to take up way too much time on RAW now…

The Asuka/Sasha finish was a shitty WWE cop-out but the prospect of Bayley showing up to tapings wearing the referee shirt and claiming to be a legit WWE official is promising enough that I’ll wait and see where they go with it on TV. I’m sure Bayley could make this work.

I am actually reassured by the angle it’s taking. Apparently, Asuka is still recognized as the champ and Bailey and Banks have just stolen the title. I very much prefer that.

They wanted to book a match but also didn’t want either person to lose. So they booked a fuck finish, typical lazy wwe main roster. But really bad to use this idea on a ppv