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What did you think of WWE TLC?

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Was a decent PPV overall. Better in some parts than expected.

The Ronda match was much better than I thought. Ronda looked very athletic.

Bryan vs AJ was good but the ending was very weak.

Rollins vs Ambrose was just way too long. I swear I thought the audience was chanting boring at one point.

Finally the TLC match while good was way too predictable. Figured once they added Asuka that Ronda would screw both Charlotte and Becky to setup matches with both. Also the ending with the ladder Becky and Charlotte we’re climbing wasn’t even under the title.

Overall decent. Thumbs in the middle

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Tyler from Orlando,

Decent PPV, there was more good than bad on this show, which is good, right?

Liv Morgan’s bump was insane, Rey & Randy kinda disappointed me to be honest, Kurt Angle & others beating the shit out of Corbin was much better than what a Corbin/Braun match would have been. Ronda continues to get better & impress me. I thought Dean would win tonight but not clean as a whistle.

Lastly, the main event impressed me so much, those 3 women killed each other & proved they are the best of the best. Didn’t see the Ronda ladder spot coming, I don’t think that was a heel turn just a bad ass moment from her. Gave this show 12 out of 20.

Jake from the Windy City here!!!

Overall it was a fine show, some instances there were disappointments.

Ronda and Nia were two women you wouldn’t think would have so much chemistry in the ring but they definitely delivered better than I expected. Just shows that Ronda can even lead a mediocre wrestler like Nia to a well-executed match.

Bryan and AJ had a great technical match, gets enough time and was well-paced, but was bewildered by the finish. They really need to change Bryan’s theme song so to completely change his character, however.

Wai, I feel sorry for you for watching all of those Mixed Match Challenge matches. Three, long months of the MMC and it culminated in a comedy spot at the end.

Rollins and Ambrose worked so hard, but I think this should’ve been a stip match.

And the main event was dangerous but spectacular. These women took ten years off their careers and I was grinning my teeth through some instances.

I give this 15 unorganic cotton shirts that Daniel Bryan hates out of 20.

Nick from Arizona

Overall very decent PPV.

The cruiserweight really should be moved to the main PPV after another very strong showing between Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander.

I really hope this Bobby v Elias thing would just end but appears to be going forward some more. Can’t imagine what’s next.

Jumping around the main PPV no real complaints with opening matches besides feeling the Usos were serveraly miss used all 2018 and am hoping for a reguvination in 19.

The TLC match was a waste of stipulation for the Corbin Strowman match but everyone got what they wanted so I can’t complain.

The Natty win was expected but overall solid match and well layed out with all the table spots. The Balor win was unexpected but very nice and look liked it was about to gain him that all important MO going into 19… And then came Dolph backstage. Oh well… Maybe 2020 Finn.

The Rey match was surprisingly good for a chairs match with some solid spots.

I am continuing to be impressed by Rousey match after match. She really has taking this thing and ran with it.

The Seth v Dean match was just too long and boring. Even the crowd at one point started to chant it. Also, can someone show Seth a video of Nick Jackson selling an injury in a match. It takes me. Out of it when he sells his knee all match and then becomes fucking Superman and land all these crazy moves. Just makes me wanna give up. Oh well hopefully this moves Seth on to the main title picture going forward.

Lastly the TLC match for the Smackdown Women’s match was with my time alone. It was much more brutal than I thought it would be. The finsed was expected however I did not see Rousey coming out. I am hoping this leads to a giant POP for Becky winning the Rumble here in AZ and challenging Rousey for the first women’s main event at Wrestlemania.

Overall it may seem high but 17 out of 20 for me. Solid PPV

Bryan vs AJ was pretty good while I thought the finish was a bit flat.

Was really surprised to see Finn get the win vs Drew but happy that he did. Hopefully this is a sign of them doing something with him in the future but I’m not holding my breath.

Dear god, the Dean vs Seth match was brutal. Absolutely brutal. The match itself was boring and uneventful enough but the commentary was so grating I would have been pulling out my hair if I had any to pull. I don’t care if they’re doing something with Renee, none of this is worth listening to this commentary. It kills any match that features Dean Ambrose and he’s already in trouble without it.

The main event was fantastic. There were a few times where the timing wasn’t exactly perfect with Charlotte or Becky having to wait for one another to get into a spot but these were minor gripes in really solid match deserving of the main event. The crowd was electric when Becky came out and remained pretty hot throughout. This is a rare thing to say in 2018 but the booking of this match was fantastic. Asuka wins the title due to Ronda interference and you reignite the programs between Ronda vs Charlotte and Ronda vs Becky. I couldn’t have asked for much more.


Joey from Queens,
While I didn’t catch all of it this PPV from what i saw was better than it had any right to be. Probably because they kept most of the raw nonsese far away from it. I started watching at the Orton Mysterio match, which was pretty good event hough it had some slow randy orton monemts in it. Aj and Bryan was great as it should be considering they are both terrifc performers. Rousey and Nia was really good, of all the poeple who can get the best out of nia its somehow Ronda, but they make it work really well. My only complaint is the presence of tamina, i really dont know what she offers in this program. Ambrose and Rollins i didnt like, but then again the feud leading up to it wasnt exactly Citizen Kane so i wasn’t surprised. Finally the women TLC main event was a car crash, but a good car crash. It also pleases me to see they are actually considering some long term storyline with Ronda’s interference, overall a tenative 15/20 until i see the rest of the show.

Brad from Halifax

I agree with everybody else in that this was a possible show there were some really good matches especially the main event as the women put on a great TLC however the show gets dragged down by having just too many matches I would’ve much preferred a three hour show with the cruiserweights on the main show and a few of the matches cut such as Mixed Match Challenge, Drew vs Finn and Randy vs Ray. The shows them feel special because they are just too many of the same combinations over and over again

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Ari from montreal
The stipulations could have been more useful with certain matches than others. Rollins and ambrose should have been a ladder match and the tag title match should have been a tlc. Tht being decent ppv and what a main event.
Question: Do you think the women should avoid announcer table spots? It looked like charlotte broke a rib since becky litteraly bounced off of her. Its just looks soo painful…part of me loves it…but then again i cringed for many spots during both womens matches.

James from Kent, England

Staying up until 4am usually leaves me wishing I hadn’t bothered but this show and seeing Asuka win the belt was worth it.

Enjoyed the cruiserweights but it’s a shame they can’t force their way onto the main card. Really enjoyed the Triple Tag and the Ronda match. AJ Bryan was great but Seth vs Dean was a bore. Minute Seth landed on his knee and started selling it, I stopped paying attention. Seth’s swearing surprised me but it just felt empty.
The main event was brutal although was a bit big spot to big spot. Definitely deserved the main event. Thought Nia would cost Becky after that punch segment mid-show but Ronda barely pushing over the ladder didn’t feel like a big enough ending and also taking the shine off Asuka’s first title win on main roster.

Overall, the good parts were great and the rest very mediocre. My top moment was definitely Heath Slater’s payback. Not sure if I’m looking forward to Vince turning up tomorrow or if it’s just going to bring another period of new general manager shakes it up for a bit and then gets into matches with top superstars.

14 ‘I got kids’ out of 20

Brandon from Tyler, Texas

Overall, I thought the show was solid. The MMC final was average and can only be considered a joke with the competitors involved. Three-way tag was a fun match while the Corbin/Strowman match being angle-driven for an angle that has never caught my interest. The Natalya/Riott table match was messy with a tasteless storyline. McIntyre/Balor was a good match but I felt like it was missing something to help it get to that next level.

Orton/Mysterio was better than I expected with some innovative spots that I wasn’t expecting. Rousey/Jax was a fun match with Rhonda coming out of it looking like a complete monster. Bryan/Styles was an excellent match and their best match of their series so far. Ambrose/Rollins was a good match but was taken down a notch due to the crowds indifference. Lynch/Asuka/Flair was the MOTN for me by the end of the PPV with all three of them playing their roles perfectly. I wasn’t high on Rhonda’s interference at first, but since it’s going to lead to high-profile matches later on, I don’t mind it after thinking about it more. With Rhonda being on Raw and the other two being on Smackdown, she has to do something to keep herself involved in their situation so it makes sense. Asuka winning the title will always be a positive for me as well.

Btw, thanks for letting me join the chat for a little bit. I do apologize for the poor sound quality of my mic, but I appreciate the opportunity to speak to you Wai.

15 out of 20

I enjoyed the main event despite some awkward spots (Asuka sitting on the middle rope waiting for Charlotte, the lack of selling after being put through tables,…) I really loved the ending, very good booking.

The problem with ladders and tables is that very often, the opponent is idly waiting for the other wrestler to set everything up. That hurt the Natalya/Ruby match a bit.