FEEDBACK: WWE WrestleMania 37 Night 1

What did you think of WrestleMania 37 Night 1?

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Burak from the UK.

It’s 4:42am in the UK and I’ve just finished my Zoom watch a long with a group of friends.

The initial delay made for some comedy, but the show kicked off with a bang. Was surprised that Lashley retained, but a good hard hitting match to start.

Seth and Cesaro put on a great match and both looked a million bucks. Cesaro looked a bit leaner than usual, but seemed stronger. Hope we get to see him wrestle Bryan for the Title soon.

Bad Bunny gave the best celebrity performance since Stephen Amell and was genuinely an entertaining watch.

The main event was fantastic. Hard hitting wrestling, amazing shows of strength from Bianca and pure vicious strikes from Sasha. A great Wrestlemania moment.

The addition of a crowd, a shorter show and some great matches made this a really enjoyable show.

Brandon from Oshawa

Really fun show tonight. Nothing was bad. I wasn’t fond of Sasha and Bianca main eventing, but they pulled it off. The star of the show for me was Bad Bunny though. I’ve been enjoying him since the Rumble and his training really showed here. A lot of credit needs to go to Miz and Morrison too for helping him look great.

Ben from Vancouver

Bianca and Sasha was by far the match of the night. Non stop action, stiff and didn’t take forever to get to the final destination (take note Adam Cole and Gargano). That hair whip spot sounded like a gunshot, great match.

Also liked Rollins/Cesaro and the Bad Bunny match was entertaining.

Drew/Lashley was ok, nothing special. The women’s tag and Shane/Strowman were both brutal.

Who do you see as the next challenger for Lashley? I see Keith Lee or The Fiend (yikes) as the only new possibilities after Mania.

7/10 show

Give bad bunny a long term contract.

I thought this way over delivered, as I thought this would be the weaker of the 2 nights. The weather delay didn’t help, but the spot to open with the adknowledgement of the return of the live crowd was a plus. Some on the fly promos showed who is good at improv and who isn’t, the matches themselves, with the exception of the women’s gauntlet, were a lot better than expected. Except the Braun Shane match, it had to end as it should have. The Bad Bunny performance was the real surprise of the night, a freaking canadian destroyer. The best match of the night was the main event, and I feel bad for Sasha’s Mid-section after that whip. I give this one a 8 out of 10, see you tomorrow.
Richard in East Selkirk.

B from New York

I’m sure flaws will be found…the entirety of the women’s tag is one of them…but for the first night back for fans, it’s hard to walk away from tonight without being fully satisfied with Night 1 of Mania.

Outside of the mentioned match, everything else either lived up to expectations or exceeded them quite a bit. Timing, structure, body part foreshadowing (with the hair)…Banks and Belair pulled off one of the best Mania main events in recent memory. What a star-making performance for one of WWE’s most important rising stars. Bad Bunny? Everyone involved from the 4 in the match to Gulak and Pearce as trainers deserves a prize for that performance. Similarly for AJ and the New Day who made the anticipation and follow through with Omos look tremendous. Cesaro getting a huge singles win and ovation. McIntyre getting his moment, but Lashley keeping his spot on top. Even Strowman and Shane found a way to hit their big strength and big bump spots.

Wholly fulfilling show for a long awaited moment as we see some light at the end of the pandemic bubble. Lets hope tomorrow can keep pace.

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The weather delay was a bit of a nightmare for the uk as Mania now finishing at 5 am is not ideal when we have to do it again tomorrow. Wasnt their fault - but the positive was it showed the real standout promos. Kevin Owens with a masterclass.

As for the matches - Cesaro and Rollins stole the show for me. Most other things were good besides the womens tag. Brawn and Shane was pointless - hes jumped off way higher - so whatever he did would be a letdown.

The hair whip was unbelievable. Sounded like a gun shot and the mark looked nasty. Michael Cole call was awful though - coupled with 600 camera cuts back and forth made for a sloppy finish

Hearing audible, organic noise again in a long year of silence and canned reactions was music to my ears. Night 1 of WM felt very balanced throughout, Drew vs Lashley was physical. The tag team turmoil was a little messy (I’m mystified that Riott Squad aren’t getting their due). Cesaro/Rollins was a blast, New Day vs AJ and Omos was decent and it kept things simple for Omos’ debut match. Bad Bunny was shockingly good, i’m surprised that he held his own and he was pulling off stuff that takes years to master.

Finally, the main event was female black excellence. The emotion before the bell rang was something special and it elevated Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks to another level.

Night 2 has its work cut out for it.

Suren from Portland

“WrestleMania: Saturday” (don’t call it “Night 1”) First off, major props to Michael Cole, Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton for stalling on the fly. That delayed intro was fascinating improv television and Michael Cole calling it “wrestle-RAIN-ia” was a top tier dad joke. Drew looked like he was gonna cry on his entrance and I almost joined him. I was shocked and thrilled to see Lashley retain. Bad Bunny looked really great out there. I know he’s a lifelong fan and it definitely feels like he put in the work to make his appearance respectable. Bianca/Sasha was great outside of Michael Cole yelling “Sasha kicked out!” as Bianca won her first championship ![:joy: Overall, I loved that fans were cheering the faces and booing the heels. Every fan and wrestler just seemed grateful to be back to this thing we love. What a great feel good show.

Brian from New Jersey

Missed opportunity during the rain delay to not hear from Roman Reigns.

I enjoyed the show overall, with Sasha vs. Bianca, Rollins vs. Cesaro, and Bad Bunny’s match being the clear highlights to me. Despite some loudly called spots, I thought the main eventers were pros. Mr. Bunny was the best celebrity in a match since Pat McAfee last year. Nearly every match on this show achieved its desired goal, but sadly the Women’s Tag Team Turmoil seems destined for Botchamania, and not just because of some of the wrestlers.

7 boos for Hogan out of 10.

Sasha and Bianca was incredible. The outpouring of emotion from them was amazing and they showed why they deserved the main event.

Bad Bunny/Priest vs Miz/ Morrison completely surpassed my expectations. Bad Bunny really showed out and was very impressed by him.

Lashley winning was a bit surprising but I didn’t mind it and looking forward to the rest of his run.

Shane Braun was just a stupid match. Well I guess that’s what they were going for.

Cesaro Rollins was a solid match and hopefully Cesaro can finally get the push he deserves.

Omos is a monster and interested to see how they proceed with him.

The tag team turmoil match will be best remembered for a few slip ups.

The Adnan Virk news caught me by surprise. This is a pretty different role for him and I’m hoping for good things but not too sure about it. Do you feel he is the right person for the job?