FEEDBACK: WWE WrestleMania 37 Night 2

What did you think of WrestleMania 37 Night 2?

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Jalen from Pickering,

Been burnt out on wrestling the past few months, but the main event had me intrigued, so I caught the beginning and end to the show. Orton was the perfect person to open the show and his (and Edge’s) white and red gear was great. And The Fiend entrance was a genuine spectacle. It’s just a shame that the awfulness of the feud continued here once the bell was rung.

Main event was interesting and I think they played the shades of gray aspect properly. After all the years of WWE misfiring with Roman in Mania main events, they finally got one right.

Night 2 felt like Wrestlemania. Grand entrances. Fans. And majority of matches were good. The main event absolutely stole the show. 3 complaints: the fiend debacle, the womens tag and all the camera cuts


This WrestleMania was by far the most enjoyable Mania I can remember in a really long time.

This Mania felt really special for the obvious reasons but also for how many stars got chances to perform and have Mania moments. It was actually, oddly enough, a rather heart warming Mania. And to see how much it all clearly meant to performers added to the special feeling that I thought has disappeared from the past few marathon versions of the show.

As for the marathons, two nights let the matches breath, moments set in, and helped make this Mania one I think I’ll remember fondly for a long time.

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Brandon from Oshawa

With Austin being so heavily featured in next year’s Mania ad, I know it makes sense, being in Texas, but do you think they try to get him for a match, especially if it’s 2 nights? If so, who would you guys put him in there with?

I tried to stay up for this one in the UK, but fell asleep during Randy vs The Fiend and woke up as Roman was having his hand raised!

What a washout. The best thing I remember is Titus and Hogan in pirate hats

We knew this weekend would finally reveal who actually got over this past year. Good for Tamina!


B from New York,

Echoing MJ above, overall, a much needed experience for, I think, a lot of us, to have this type of normal again. Maybe that slants the perception of this weekend, but all in all I have few complaints about the two nights of Mania. It’s been a trying year, but this was a reminder at what an enjoyable distraction from real life wrestling can be. We’ll be back at the Thunderdome tomorrow, but it finally feels like there’s a real light at the end of the tunnel, and that’s some good feeling.

As for tonight, while the card itself had few exceptional moments, everything was solid and if you want anything to hit it out of the park, it’s the main event, and Reigns/Bryan/Edge did just that. A real feeling of urgency, big and unique spots, and your biggest star feeling like your absolute biggest star at the end of the night - this was my match of the weekend. I’m more than fine with Reigns winning and the clearing out of two major face contenders, that while strange, does give them an excuse to go with a newer contender on the face side of Smackdown like Cesaro or Big E or an NXT call up.

Keeping it shorter on other stuff, some things in particular I was glad to see was Owens and Zayn getting to have their Wrestlemania match with no shenanigans. Sheamus coming off his best singles run of the past half decade getting a big moment to shine. And a real focus on creating two new stars in the women’s division by adding Ripley to the mix with Belair.

Fun weekend. See you all at 2022 WWE HOFer Bad Bunny’s World Tour.

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Andrew from Saint John

I felt like last night’s show had a medium first half and a super exciting second half, but I felt like this one had trouble hitting the same heights. I have no interest in watching Riddle because of #SpeakingOut, so I checked out and had a problem checking back in until the main event. I was extremely hyped for Bryan but would have been happy for Edge; of course we got neither. Highlights of the weekend were Bianca, Cesaro and Bad Bunny. 7/10.

Night 2 got the least important matches out of the way first but from Owens/Zayn onwards it picked up from there. Edge getting a thunderous reaction just felt right. The main event was tremendous as he, Bryan and Reigns put on a triple threat match that had a lot of suspense, inventive spots and it was great to see Roman get booed for the right reasons.

The hangover is gonna be brutal.

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