FEEDBACK: WWE WrestleMania 38 Saturday (Night 1)

What did you think of WrestleMania Saturday?

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Excellent wrestling marred by awful commentary and camera work. I was wondering if you guys think this show was still affected by Covid in a sense and next years will be higher attendance, can’t help but feel the fly in crowd from Europe must still be low. I usually know at least one person travelling over for Mania from the UK but there wasn’t even a discussion about doing that this year from any of my friends. Only 2 more days of wrestlemania week to go fellas.

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Erin from Brampton

Aside from the Charlotte-Ronda match, that was a great first night to Wrestlemania. It was a lot of fun.

I couldn’t help but smile for Cody. I think when you look back at everything in his career to this point, this is everything he ever wanted. He wanted to feel like a main event star on the biggest stage. Now, not only does he feel like one, he is one. I hope Cody gets the WWE run he’s always wanted.

I felt it was a thumbs in the middle show. Really slow start in the first three matches. The pace picked up with that terrific Belair entrance. She felt like a huge star. The Seth/Rhodes match was my vote for 5000 dollar match of the night. Seth may just be one of if not the best wrestler today. I was suprised by the rousey finish and wonder if they changed it last minute when vince decided to go with Austin last. It does build to wrestlemania backlash.

Last segment was fun though it dragged a bit. I had no idea why KO was arrested after losing to a man who was just drinking and driving in public but that’s entertainment.

Looking forward to tomorrow and keep up the great work boys!

Mannie from Pacoima

Really fun show tonight, its always a blast when you dont take the product seriously and just enjoy the moment. The crowd was happy to see Cody back in WWE and he and Seth had a great match. Bianca and becky also had a great match awith a well deserved victory for Bianca and the fact that bianca makes her own gear is just insane. Hopefully I’m able to get tickets for wrestlemania INGLEWOOD not hollywood lol wishing rick boogz a speady recovery.

What a show! Show of the year for me. Cody’s debut couldn’t have gone any better, very smart decision holding off until tonight, match of the night. Bianca vs Becky was a close second, very happy to see Bianca get that big win. Loved Austin/Owens, not a 5 star classic, but it was what it needed to be. Charlotte vs Ronda was good, didn’t love the finish. Miz/Paul vs Mysterios was much better then I expected, rest was there…tough break for boogs.

When WWE is on, they are great. Too bad they are on like 10% of the time.

Great show….9/10.

Bianca Belair got her receipt for Summerslam and then some. Her and Becky Lynch put on a fantastic match that more than made up for that Vegas fiasco. I almost had a stroke with that 26 second callback. It’s my pick for match of the night.

It’s been a poorly kept secret for months but Cody Rhodes returned to the fold keeping his AEW presentation intact. He and Rollins put on a damn good match.

I was leery about Owens vs Austin because of the possibility of a clunker. Thankfully, the No holds barred stipulation did work in their favour. It was pretty surreal seeing Austin in the ring again.

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Finally became a Patron this past week, and figured dropping feedback to Wrestlemania would make sense.

Haven’t watched Raw since before the Rumble, and haven’t seen an episode of Smackdown in a few years, but always still tune in for big events like Mania and keep up any newsworthy events.

Hype level was not all that there for me aside from Becky/Bianca, Seth vs his muster opponent, and really that was it.

Coming out of the show, I thought Bianca Vs Becky was fantastic, my personal MOTN, and that Rollins Vs Rhodes managed to ovedeliver in a genuinely great match. Owens Vs Austin also over-delivered in a very, very fitting main event.

Flair Vs Rousey was disappointing, at least to me, and while Logan Paul did impress me, I can’t say any of the other matches left me feeling excited or left any lasting impression.

Biggest negative was the constant commercial breaks in between every match, and the fact that each break featured mainly the same small set of commercials, which really killed momentum for me.