FEEDBACK: WWE WrestleMania Backlash 2021

What did you think of WrestleMania Backlash?

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Erin from Brampton

That main event was incredible. As for Roman, he has to be the best thing we’ve seen in pro wrestling in years. I hope Kenny Omega was watching and taking notes on what a real main event heel looks like.

Based on the finish to the show, can you guys see Seth and Roman having a two man power trip type of story?

The show started off great, with an excellent women’s three way and solid tag match. But hit rock bottom with the zombies. One of the worst PPV segments from recent memory. Everything else after that just seemed okay.

B from New York

Man, excluding the sponsored content, this felt like every single match went above and beyond expectations across the board. Looking towards the main event, we knew how it would end, but it was great getting to see Cesaro have his 1-on-1 moment in the sun. That said, moving forward now, if we’re heading towards a Reigns-Uso redux in Hell in a Cell, consider me excited.

And don’t worry everyone: I hear the 4-hour Snyder Cut of the Zombie Lumberjack Match is increeeeeedible.

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Ok. The Spaghetti Western rating system is back for this one.
The Good: Most of the in ring tonight. Even the Lashley/Braun/Drew match overdelivered. But the best match was the Cesaro/Roman bout. Major props to the Bayley/Bianca after…well…we’ll get to that in a sec.
The Bad: Just the fact that TV is still going to range from horrible to passable going into Hell in a Cell.
The Ugly: The…lumberjack match. Or as I thought, the worst thing I’ve seen on a show this year. To paraphrase the classic comic series, Transmetropolitan, “The word ‘Fuck’ typed 10000 times.” That was my reaction to the whole match. A total embarrassment.

On the whole, other than that…stuff at the bottom of a grocery store compactor of a match, a relatively ok show. 7 out of 10.
Rich in East Selkirk.

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Guillaume from Laval

I was really looking forward to the Reigns/Cesaro match and it delivered and exceeded my expectations!

I’m happy to see Ricochet back to Raw, I hope he will continue this feud with Sheamus until Hell in the cell, but does that mean that Humberto Carrillo injury is more serious then expected?

Question, which of the upcoming movies of 2021 do you see WWE partners with?

For example A quiet place 2 where the wrestler can’t make any sounds or West side Story where wrestlers performs in a musical type of match.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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WWE’s lower-tier PPVs always seem to over-deliver and while this won’t go down as a classic, I think that there was some enjoyable stuff. I really liked both of the triple threat matches for how energetic they were and thought both had good moments of creativity to get to their finales. Even though it was clear who was taking the pin in both, I don’t feel like any of the participants look weak.

The tag match was fine but I never did feel engaged with the story. A nice moment for Rey, at least.

Bayley and Bianca had a good match, albeit with a weird ending. I suspect that we’ll see them back at Hell in a Cell, along with Lashley/ Drew and Charlotte/ Rhea.

I was hoping that Cesaro would be allowed to shine a little more than he was, but he did a great job of playing the resilient hero who just would not be put down. I thought it was the right call not to have him hit the swing because it kept things serious. Given that the ending was pretty much a foregone conclusion and that Cesaro didn’t ever feel like a viable threat, I thought that the main event was a bit long but I can’t blame WWE for maximizing the time for the one story that people have really seemed to connect with.

There is part of me that wouldn’t mind seeing Seth and Roman feuding while they’re both playing variations of the “man who thinks he is more interesting and important than he actually is” character but I don’t think it would work over weeks of television.

And that is definitely everything that happened on Backlash. Nothing else. If you say there was another match in there, I will not believe you.


I actually liked the zombies angle AMA

Sure it was hokey and fake, but mostly everything WWE does is. That Miz/Priest match was ice cold and everyone would have used it for a pee break anyway. But admit it: Once you saw what was coming, you couldn’t look away. Train wreck TV at its finest, and almost certainly more interesting than The Miz vs. Damien Priest one on one.

Plus if they are going to do supernatural tomfoolery, I’ll take the campy zombies over the poor attempt at horror we have seen with the Fiend and Alexa any day.