FEEDBACK: WWF Ground Zero '97

Jesse from the 6

Will John & Wai ever review Breakdown '98? That show is your white whale.

First, thanks to Mr. Olsen for donating his pick to democracy.

[NOTE: If you guys yourselves have gone back and listened to your first review you might want to skip this part.]
You first reviewed this show 10.5 years ago (and have not reviewed it since). I wonder if on today’s review you will be inspired to, as you were then, discuss:

  • The political geography of the United Arab Emirates.

  • 9-11-year-olds in your studio who make you feel like old men (at age 25) because they don’t know what a VHS tape is. (Fun fact: those kids would now be 19-23-year-old adults now.)

  • The Surf

  • “Vineas” Godwin

Question: What was the deal with The Patriot? All I know is that he wrestled in All Japan, came to the Fed in '97, got hot-shotted into a title program, and then disappeared almost immediately. Seems strange. Was this always Vince’s plan for Del Wilkes? And did he wrestle as “The Patriot” in Japan?

On a serious note, going back through your archives, one will occasionally hear a joke or a term used that you guys wouldn’t say today, but nothing mean-spirited or hateful. While you’ve grown over the past decade, you’ve always been consistent in trying to be inclusive and you’ve never “punched down” to laugh at marginalized groups. Thank you for that.

“So, take a look!”

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