FEEDBACK: WWF Superstars (May 30, 1992)

Rewind-A-Wai #121 will be released on Tuesday, December 6th as John Pollock & Wai Ting travel back to 1992.

Espresso Executive Producer Robert Brockie has selected the May 30, 1992, edition of WWF Superstars that includes the arrival of Nailz for an impromptu attack on the Big Bossman. Plus, the latest regarding Papa Shango’s “curse” on the Ultimate Warrior.

This show is available on both the WWE Network and YouTube.

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WWF Superstars
Saturday, May 30, 1992 (taped in Syracuse, New York)
*Legion of Doom vs. Kato & Rich Mitchell
*Papa Shango vs. Brian Brieger
*Sgt. Slaughter vs. Bob Bradley
*Rick Martel vs. Jim Powers
*The Natural Disasters vs. Mike Fury & Duane Gill
*Big Bossman vs. Dave Roulette
*The Berzerker vs. Glen Ruth

Sal from California

I was 6 years old in May 1992 and a diehard WWF fan. I vividly remember Papa Shango’s debut and how much it scared me. After seeing Papa Shango make the Ultimate Warrior puke and set that jobber’s boots on fire, I had nightmares about him as a kid. It got so bad that my mom banned me from watching wrestling for a few weeks.

Did either of you have a movie or TV show that terrified you as a kid?

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Jesse from the 6

Dairy month??

I recently watched Survivor Series '92–btw, great review of that show from November 2010, guys–so I got to see the begining and conclusion of the thrilling Nailz-Big Boss Man feud. Tatanka-Martel also kept feuding until November. Seems a long time.

Like you guys, '92 was the first year I started watching wrestling. I know you’ll talk a lot about Papa Shango on this show, but perhaps even more confusing to 5-year-old me was the Repo Man. I didn’t know what reposession meant, and I’m not sure Vince McMahon did either. Why did he have tire tracks on his singlet? I thought he was some sort of raccoon that got run over by a car. Anyway, I was very worried he killed the British Bulldog when he hanged him.

What era of the WWF would you say this show takes place in? The Golden Period? Or the New Generation Era? Or would you say there’s a period in between those two eras?
Basically, what show would you say was the first one after the Golden Period? From a business standpoint, that might be as early as WrestleMania VII in '91. But from a roster composition standpoint, maybe Survivor Series '92, the first show with Bret as champ? Or maybe SummerSlam '93, the first PPV after Hogan left?

Take Care

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This may just be the first full episode of Superstars I ever watched. Or should I say “Maple Leaf Wrestling”, as it was broadcast up here on Saturdays at 12pm EST.

I clearly remember watching the Warrior “goo face” interview the previous week, but not the whole episode.

This is such an interesting period for the company. Starting off with Hogan, Flair, Warrior, Bulldog, Sid, Slaughter, Piper, and others as all being big players in early 1992 - and by the beginning of 1993, all would be gone.

As a young fan, the transition to guys like Bret being on top definitely affected my fandom style preferences (as did watching WCW Power Hour on Saturday mornings on TSN at the time, which was a very workrate heavy promotion that year).

I have such fond memories for some of the gimmicks on the shows, especially Shango. Happy to see you guys reviewing this.

I also clearly remember the Nails debut, and immediately being scared of him. I remember the first house show I ever went to, December 27, 1992 at Maple Leaf Gardens, was supposed to be headlined by Nailz vs. Undertaker, in what would have been a dream match to my youthful mind. Fortunately for everybody else, Nailz was fired, and we got the equally epic encounter between Taker vs. Papa Shango.

Side note… I feel like this Warrior / Shango angle seems to have been a very specific jumping on point for a bunch of Canadian children. I was 8 at the time and it sucked me right in.

Would love to see a return to Saturday morning wrestling (not the Saturday Night Slam type product) - as I feel like for a generation or more of kids, it’s what hooked them into being life long fans.

Brandon from Oshawa

I may have been the lone 6 year old Nailz and Papa Shango fan. These guys were great and I wanted nothing more than to see them terrorize some of my hated guys in Bossman and Warrior. I always gravitated towards the heels, they were so much more interesting and funny.

My dream every year is to see Papa Shango in the Royal Rumble. Do you think it will ever happen? I think it could make for a nice comedy moment during the match.

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