Fellow PostMarks, lets introduce ourselves!

I’ve never been this involved in a forum, and I’d love to get everyone’s “wrestling ID” (favorite promotions/wrestlers/matches/fun tidbits/etc.). I’m so happy John and Wai are cultivating conversations about the greatest form of entertainment out there, professional wrestling. Obviously feel free to modify the way you introduce yourselves, but this is how I’ll do it.

I’m Ryan from West Virginia.

Promotions I enjoy (to varying degrees):
NJPW, WWE, NXT, PWG, Dragon Gate (I’m a newbie), ROH, Evolve, Lucha Underground

Wrestlers I Love:
Rey Mysterio (favorite as a kid), Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, El Generico/Sami Zayn, Kyle O’Reilly, Matt Cross, Kenny Omega, Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii, and Rey Horus/El Dragon Azteca Jr. (to name very few)

Matches I Love (in no order):
Chris Hero vs Jack Evans (PWG BOLA 2015)
Omega vs Okada (WK11 & Dominion)
Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero (Halloween Havoc)
El Generico vs Kevin Steen (PWG Steen Wolf, ROH Last Man Standing Match, & Ladder War IV)
Benoit vs Shawn Michaels vs HHH (WrestleMania XX)
And so so so many more matches I cannot begin to list

Fun Fact:
I have a tattoo of El Generico on my calf.


My name is Brian and I live in southern New Jersey, basically in the shadows of Philadelphia.

The promotions I’ve had on my rotation the heaviest and most frequently have been WWE & NXT, ROH, New Japan, Lucha Underground, PWG, Chikara, EVOLVE, and PROGRESS. I’ve been open to giving more indies a shot (including promotions I don’t fully endorse that feature wrestlers that I do), and I’ve begun gravitating towards the likes of Beyond and NOVA Pro in recent months; after I got out of my FloSlam subscription when their relationship with EVOLVE went belly up, I subbed to Powerbomb.TV through a very generous offer at the time and have seen more from these guys and others.


I left out CHIKARA, but I was following it pretty closely in 2016. I caught three shows, including KOT 2016. I’ve been considering doing Powerbomb.TV and/or WWNLive. I’ve got the free trials, but haven’t been able to dive in much yet.

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I’m Chris from Charleston, the state capital of West Virginia.

Favorite Promotions: WWE/NXT mainly with increasing viewing of ROH, NJPW

Favorite Wrestlers - Current Day: AJ Styles, Cody, Kevin Owens, The Miz, Kenny Omega, Samoa Joe

Favorite Wrestlers - Classic: Sting, Arn Anderson, Goldberg, Bret Hart, Undertaker

Favorite John & Wai Episode: 4th Anniversary Review-A-Wai “Timeline of WCW 2000 - Vince Russo”

Some Favorite Matches:
Omega/Okada - Wrestle Kingdom 11
Steve Austin/Bret Hart - WrestleMania 13
Undertaker/HBK - WrestleMania 25
Rey Mysterio/Eddie Guerrero - Halloween Havoc '97
Chris Jericho/HBK - No Mercy '08

Fun Fact:
I have a Twitter account based on WWE stats, facts and anything in between because of being a huge fan of numbers and statistics. You can find it at @WWEHist. Shameless plug is over now. =D

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John from Missoula, Montana

Promotions I enjoy:
WWE, NXT, just getting into NJPW, also the promotions I create on Fire Pro Wrestling, lol

Wrestlers I Love:
Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase
Randy Savage
CM Punk
Bryan Danielson (Or as Randy Orton calls him “Dan”)
Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit (Before he did the thing)

Wrestlers I Dislike in an X-Pac heat sort of way:
Hulk Hogan
Kevin Nash
Kevin Sullivan
Jeff Jarrett <---- The only one on this list I personally dislike.

Matches I Love:
Punk vs Cena - MotB 2011
Andre vs Hogan - WM III
Steamboat/Flair Trilogy
Okada/Omega II and III
Original TLC matches

Fun Fact:
A 5 year old me was one of the 9,548,645 Stevie-Maniacs at the Pontiac Silverdome for WMIII

Hi everybody,

My name is Eoin (pronounced exactly like ‘Ian/Iain’) and I’m from Scotland.

Favourite Promotions: probably NXT and WWE, though I just started my subscription with New Japan World tonight to watch Wrestle Kingdom tomorrow morning. I follow ROH but don’t watch it intently, though I try to keep up to date with current goings on.

Favourite Wrestlers - Current Day: AJ Styles, Johnny Gargano, Cesaro, Chris Jericho, Otis Dozovic, Scott Steiner.

Favourite Wrestlers - Classic: Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Booker T, Jake Roberts, ECW Taz, Chris Jericho (again), Scott Steiner.

Favourite John & Wai Episode: one from about 2012 where they discussed the plot of Taken 2 in great detail.

Too many favourite matches to list.

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MJ from NJ
My name is actually Mitchell J. and I now live in NYC.

I was a huge Rock/Sting/Goldberg fan in the late 90s. I found myself floating in and out of wrestling in the mid2000s until I grew fond of Christian’s character in TNA (and the Sting connection). I was actually at the show Sting pinned an intoxicated Hardy at the Impact Zone. I was pretty much done with them after that.

I got really into the build of the Mania hosted by The Rock. I was actually watching Raw on delay in college that night he returned and cut the epic promo - it was Feb 14. My birthday is Feb 15. It was perfect! I found The Law slightly later that year during the Pipe Bomb stuff. I became a huge Punk fan and have been an avid follower ever since.

Most recently in 2017 I went to the ROH/NJPW show in NYC and got really into a lot of the guys there. Started binging BTE and made my way back to Final Battle in NY last month.

Outside of wrestling - I am an avid golfer (low single digit handicap for anyone who plays) and have seen 60 Bruce Springsteen concerts (I am from NJ after all!) I work in Finance and have always loved the business aspect of the Wrestling world.

I’m JT and something of a forum junkie, though less now. I started out on music forums, moved onto wrestling and then other places like TV and film dedicated boars. These days I pretty much just post here and one other wrestling forum that I’ve been a member of now for a decade and used to be on staff at.

I got into wrestling when I was around 8ish and the first match I watched was some quick squash thing between Jake Roberts and Local Jobber #4; it fascinated me, partially because I’ve always had a thing for snakes (our class pet when I was 5/6 was a little snake and I loved him) and partially because I’ve always been (as a pacifist) into watching martial arts and combat sports. The next big show was SummerSlam '91 and my stepdad taped it for me to watch - I fell in love with it but could never really keep up with it and it existed on the periphery of my existence for years until I met a lifelong fan at college who helped me stay up to date and gave me a better education in it all.

I currently follow PROGRESS, NXT, New Japan, PWG closely (although only NXT has been getting watched since before mid-2017) while keeping up to date with the bigger shows from the likes of WWE and ROH. Over the next few months I aim to watch more Japanese stuff and I’ll probably check in with EVOLVE and get into a few of the other companies available on DemandPROGRESS like SMASH, AAW and Demand Lucha. I also watched the last half of the last Lucha Underground season and plan on picking that up again when it returns… unless Sexy Star still has a job, in which case fuck 'em.

My favourite wrestler of all time is Eddie Guerrero and I doubt that will ever change; his death effected me deeply at the time and I actually quit watching wrestling for a few months because I couldn’t find any joy in it - imagine my disgust to return to watching it only to find that a major story line was that Randy Orton would routinely piss on the memory of Eddie in order to screw with Rey Mysterio.

Other wrestler’s I have loved throughout my wrestling love affair include Ricky Steamboat, Bret Hart, Randy Savage, RVD, Sabu, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Hiroshi Tanahashi, KUSHIDA, Tetsuya Naito and countless others.

There’s not much point in me listing matches that I rate highly because it’s almost guarantee’d that I’ll just be repeating stuff that’s already been said.

Fun fact: I have been to live shows by WWE (including WrestleMania 28), ROH, NOAH, TNA and PROGRESS and I am officially done with TNA’s bullshit and have been for over a year now; they are a terrible company that do nothing but waste the talents time that work for them - I will never watch another TNA show.

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I’m Christian from Leicester, England.

Promotions I enjoy: Progress wrestling, PWG, ICW, NXT, ROH and New Japan.

Wrestler I love: Brian Pillman, Eddie Kingston, Jinny, Kenny Omega, Marty Scurll, Jimmy Havoc, Jeff Jarrett, Veda Scott, CM Punk and Eddie Guerrero.

Matches I Love:
Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero (Pretty much whenever they worked together)
CM Punk vs. John Cena-Money in the Bank
Omega vs. Okada (All of them)
Will Ospreay vs. Marty Scurll in Progress
Will Ospreay vs. Jimmy Havoc Progress Chapter 20.
Jinny vs. Pollyanna (Anytime in Progress)

Fun Fact: I have the letters LRKP as a tattoo on my list that stood for my first 4 favourite wrestlers.

Hey I’m Robert from Montreal.

Promotions I dig: NXT, WWE ROH but recently NJPW is the promotion I get real enjoyment out of.

Wrestlers I dig: Austin, Bret, Punk, Brock but lately Naito and Omega.

Matches I dig:

Austin vs Punk - Wrestlemania 13
Punk vs. Cena - Money in the Bank
Punk vs Taker Wrestlemania 29
Brock vs Guerrero No Way Out 2004

Fun Fact: Owen Hart flipped me the bird at a WWE house show in St. John’s Newfoundland.

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I’m Steve in Essex, England.

Been a wrestling fan since i was 9, i remember seeing the Rockers and thinking they were the greatest thing in history.
Eddie and Shawn are my all time favourites, current day has to be Naito and Scurll.
I enjoy numerous promotions, WWE, NXT, ROH, Impact, Lucha Underground, Evolve and especially New Japan.
Closer to home i enjoy Rev Pro, Progress are next on my list to explore. I just need a couple more days added to the week to watch everything i want to.

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Rob from Mississauga. Been watching since 88 when I was five years old . Just remember snippets on WWF superstars. Obsessed during the attitude Era with all things wrestling. Lost interest while in university then came back in 2007 as a fan during the TV writers’ strike. I always watch wwe programming but I love NJPW, ROH and NXT in that order right now. Dabbled watching UK and indies too.

Bret Hart was my hero growing up. Most recently I’ve loved D. BRYAN, CM Punk, now Kevin Owens and Okada.

Went to Manias 6, 18 and 29 live. Sat front row at ROH Border Wars 2012. Listen to podcasts daily and like the vibe of this forum!

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I’m Martin From Montreal

I’ve been watching Wrestling since 1988 and that was mostly WWF since we didn’t get alot of other programming outside the AWA that was still having some shows on TSN but for the most part it was Superstars and wrestling challenge that i was watching in both english and French.

Because of that, i’ve always been more of a character and storytelling fan then a in ring, five star match type of fans.

MY all time favorite wrestler was the ultimate warrior, he’s the reason i started watching wrestling and i have a funny anecdote about how must i was a fans of the Warrior. Wrestlemania 6, i was 12 at the time, they we’re still playing wrestlingmania on closed circuit back then and my dad got me tickets to go see it at the montreal forum but he bought me and my mom tickets in the nose bleed section not knowing that i had vertigo. So let me tell you that this was a long evening for my mom since i was scared shitless that i was going to fall and die throughout the event. i really couldn’t move for the whole show and at some point my mom took me outside just before the main event and i soon as i got in the stair outside, i felt down. My mom wanted to take me home because she realize that i was scare but i wanted so much to see the main event. So let’s just say that, When the Warrior’s music hit and i saw him running toward the ring in toronto, i completely forgot that i was scared and i cheered my heart out for him because i wanted so much to see him beat Hogan for the title. I did and this as always been a moment that i would never forget. It’s too bad that he die before i had a chance to meet him because i would have love to get the chance to tell him this story. He’s probably the wrestlers outside of owen hart that his death affected me the most.

Also their was a period during the monday night wars that i stop watching WWE because i truly hated the product they had during that period and i was more of a WCW fans during that period.

Finally, as far as the current product is concern, i love what Roman reigns as become as a wrestlers, he may not be the best in ring but i love how he’s able to tell a story in the ring and i just a sucker for smash mouth wrestling. Another one that i love is Braun Strowman. I’m just hoping they won’T kill him by pushing him to quickly. outside of that, i do try to watch IMPACT from time to time, NXT and 205 live are mostly stuff that i PVR and put in the background in the morning while i do something else since i’m not a big fan of either show and i still loved when WWE does shows older wrestling on the network since i feel the older product is still better then the current one is.