Fighting in the Age of Loneliness (SBNation MMA Documentary)

Hey y’all,

Long time listener of John and Wai but new to the forums here at Post. I didn’t see anyone post this and apologies if it’s been mentioned, but SBNation just released a five part documentary on the history of MMA called Fighting in the Age of Loneliness ( I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts on this series are. I’m much more of a wrestling fan and have little to no knowledge about other combat sports but I found this is a very artful and thoughtful documentary. Should note that there’s a lot of political and cultural commentary in this, so it might not be for everyone.

(Vaguely related side note: the guy that did the video production for this series is named Jon Bois, who has done an entertaining video series called Pretty Good and wrote 17776, which is possibly the weirdest story I’ve ever read. Check it out, it’s great.)

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