Figure Collectors?

Is there any Wrestling Figure Collectors on this forum? Personally I collect all the WWF Hasbro and Mattel Retro Line. I am new to the forums and would love to start a little figure community on here

I started to listen to the major wrestling figure podcast with Zach Ryder and curt Hawkins and they got me interested in wrestling figure collecting again. I have a lot of my old WWF figure from the early 90’s and I just started buying Mattel figure. Right now, I as far as the Mattel figures are concern, I just bought a ultimate warrior legends action figure with the ic belt and bought a sycho sid and the ascension elite figures and soon I might go and find more elite figure to buy mostly legends since I’m mostly into that era of wrestling.

The detail on some of the new Hasbro figures is amazing. I’ve had a couple on my wishlist for awhile but haven’t pulled the trigger. I’m honestly afraid that if I got one or two I wouldn’t be able to stop.