Finals set for the AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament

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The finals of the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament are set following Monday’s airing of the two semi-final matches.

In the first match, the team of Allie & Brandi Rhodes defeated Big & Lil’ Swole (Nicole Savoy) after Allie delivered a Final Cut maneuver on Lil’ Swole for the cover. The finishing sequence included Britt Baker distracting Big Swole on the apron, who proceeded to chase Baker in the Role’s Royce afterward.

The other semi-final featured Ivelisse & Diamante defeating Tay Conti & Anna Jay. The end came when Diamante hit an assisted sliced bread on Conti and got the pin.

The finals with Allie & Brandi Rhodes against Ivelisse & Diamante will air on this Saturday’s edition of AEW Dynamite at 6 pm Eastern (or once the NBA game ends) on TNT.


I was willing to give the tournament a shot, but haven’t watched any of it because the people involved didn’t interest me at all and screamed of minimal effort.

The fact that Brandi is in the final is ridiculous. If they didn’t have the right talent to run this event it never should have been put together in the first place.

Just a bad idea all around and weak execution

Brandi in the final was predictable, for sure. I don’t like it, but I presume that the plan is this will be the impetus for the break-up of that tag team, with Allie finally getting mad enough to push the story forward.

I do expect Ivelisse and Diamante to win. Ivelisse is a good addition to AEW so I hope she stays around.

Same for Savoy. Not that she should stay in a team with Big Swole, but as a singles act.

Conti is ok. She’s better than she was on NXT, which I think highlights the problem WWE has, with them forcing scripts on people that don’t match them.

Anna Jay is still quite inexperienced, but she doesn’t look any more awkward than Brandi, who has been at this longer.

Overall, I think this tournament was quite forced, but I do appreciate giving a bit of spotlight to new female talent.

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