Finn Balor felt stale, exhausted, worn down by 'politics' prior to second NXT run

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Balor opens up about how he was feeling prior to his second NXT run.

In October of 2019, to kick off NXT’s stretch on the USA Network, Finn Balor made his return to the brand and stared down then-NXT Champion Adam Cole. Prior to Balor returning to NXT, he fell in defeat to ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt at SummerSlam.

Balor joined NXT UK’s Mark Andrews on his ‘My Love Letter to Wrestling’ show on BBC Sounds. He expressed that being back at NXT rejuvenated him in the ring. While he was on the main roster, Balor felt worn down by writers, exhausted and that he was becoming stale. As of the interview recording, he feels that his prime has yet to come.

I think it’s yet to come brought me that one positive thing that I can really get back to wrestling for me and the way I like to wrestle and it’s now kind of finding that balance of how can I keep that art form of the way I like to wrestle in front of big crowds when you’re on a limited time frame with TV wrestling, you know? So it’s just trying to find that balance. I feel it’s gonna be the most difficult thing.

Balor is currently a member of the Monday Night Raw brand. He was in action on the 1/17 show and lost to Austin Theory. When his time in NXT was coming up, Balor pitched to join the NXT UK brand but was told that he was needed on the main roster.

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