Finn Bálor reveals his WWE contract extension is for five years

Originally published at Finn Bálor reveals his WWE contract extension is for five years

Bálor to be with WWE for the foreseeable future. 

Episode #314 of the What’s the Story? Podcast featured a chat with Finn Bálor. As the conversation moved along, the current WWE World Tag Team Champion revealed that the contract extension he signed with the company is for five years. 

Bálor stated that the feeling was mutual on both sides as far as wanting to be there and them wanting him there. It came down to the six-month mark before his contract was up. He joked that he’s crossing his fingers that they do not fire him. 

Bálor was featured in multiple segments on the 7/8 Monday Night Raw. He also teamed with Carlito and J.D. McDonagh and scored a win in their six-man tag.

Awesome to hear for Finn. Guy has been an under the radar MVP for Raw and is doing great right now. Talk about someone who has thrived since the regime change. I remember reports came out years ago that Vince saw him at that point as nothing more than an enhancement talent. Great to see him thriving.

I was hoping he would go to AEW just for a “fresh matchup” run. But looking at the current WWE roster, here’s an example of guys he hasn’t really worked with in a televised singles match in the last five years.

CM Punk
Ilja Dragunov (one match in January 2020)
Logan Paul
Chad Gable (five minute match in November 2021)
Carmelo Hayes (one match a year ago)

Probably not as good as some of the matchups that would be waiting in AEW, but also not too shabby if some/all of the above were to happen. Also not a complete list and not accounting for any roster turnover around him over the next five years.

I’m curious what you think he’s done, that has made him an MVP for Raw. I think he’s been way under utilized since HHH took over. He’s basically Damian Priests sidekick. He’s been put in multiple tag teams(even though I do like both teams). His best moments have been where he’s just randomly unintentionally funny. I actually tthink Carlito since trying to get into the Judgment Day, has been a lot more entertaining.

I agree that there are certain matchups in AEW (like an Ospreay or Omega) that would be better in ring than what he’ll get in WWE. Though he’s in a pretty good spot right now in WWE and I don’t think he’d be slotted as high in AEW (he’s not a mid carder like a Riccochet) with how much talent they have at the moment.

I also think they are planting seeds to a major feud between him and Priest.

To be clear, I never said he’s “the MVP” of Raw, I said he’s “an under the radar MVP”. I’m not suggesting he’s been better or more utilized then a Cody or Gunther for example.

I was watching RAW with my cousin a few months back who for the most part only watch’s AEW PPV’s and WWE PLE’s with me. Her first observation as someone who doesn’t watch week to week was “judgement day feel like the show revolves around them” and she’s kind of right. Yes right now Priest has more focus on him than Finn, but I think that’s the entire point. They are slowly but surely planting seeds of decent between them which will surely end in a major feud that will likely be a main event story. He’s had great tv match after great tv match on Raw for years now, and he’s getting as much air time as anyone.

Now look, if you’re looking at his TV matches and thinking “these aren’t 5 star classics” yes you’re right, but that doesn’t speak as much to Finns utilization as it does to WWEs TV model where they don’t really have performers have that level of match on TV unless your name is Gunther.

I feel he’s done amazing work over the past few years.

He’s a mid-card guy who HHH likes. Vince pretty much ruined him and I don’t think he will ever recover. He also can’t talk and has slowed down a lot the past few years. Not a great fit for AEW.

He feels like a lifer and will help NXT guys learn how to do an entrance like HHH did for him so many years ago :smiling_face_with_tear:

You have to wonder how Finn’s WWE career would be different had he not got hurt at SummerSlam 2016. And maybe how the Universal Championship’s history may be very different.

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Maybe Finn’s career is different. But my opinion is that the belt itself was likely always going to end up in the Goldberg/Brock storyline by the next year’s Mania.

It’s kind of the same story as if Danielson didn’t have to vacate the World Title after WM30. Yes, his career path is obviously altered in some ways without the injury. But the belt was always going to Lesnar after they had him break the streak.

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