Finn direction maybe better

I was pleasantly surprised on SmackDown to see Finn Balor have such a prominent role.

Well it’s probably pencilled in for Cena to challenge T summer slam, I do think involving FB is the best move if they do.

Both of the summer slim title matches if they involve Goldberg and Cena seem to have forgone conclusions as neither of those are likely to win the title as they aren’t full timers.

We also know that the direction for Roman is towards the Rock, likely at wrestlemania, in another match where we don’t expect Rock to win the title and then not wrestle again.

Both Cena versus Roman and Roman versus Roxk would be better if there was no title involved as you could have either part timer win in that situation.

Think of once in a lifetime versus twice in a lifetime. When the title was involved in the second match you kneq Cena had to win whereas the first one was a tossup.

I don’t necessarily see FB winning the title on an episode of SmackDown, but it is possible he could win the title in some sort of triple threat and lead into the Roman wrestlemania program without the belt which I think would be better. A triple threat for the title will give you an option of either Roman or Balor winning.

I just think involving the belt makes the matches less interesting because you know they arent going to put the title on one of these guys to then disappear for a number of months.

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More likely we get Cena/Balor on a Smackdown to set up Roman’s challenger. Pop a big number for Fox.

Finn definitely came off like a star on tonight show, fingers crossed he isnt just used as a small obstacle in Cena’s quest to face Reigns. I have on issue if Reigns beats him in a big TV match, but the match needs to feel big and it needs to be a good competitive match.

Last night was definitely a success though.

I didn’t see SD but was Balor in all Black or did they make him wear Blue?
If the latter - I fear he’ll wind up back in the same spot as before his NXT run. sorry to say but going all black for The Prince character was a great throwback as well as refresh for his WWE tenure. If they branded him as a Smackdown guy I don’t think he’ll retain his identify he recreated back in NXT

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He looks good there; what about his in ring gear? Just don’t slap a brand color on him. I hate that move of theirs

Let’s not kid ourselves here…he’s going to be back to smiling, loser Finn Balor in no time.


I think before it was a lighter blue, this is more of a dark blue, but I could be misremembering.

He’ll be a shorter Cesaro. Remember people thought he would be a made man after losing to Reigns. People don’t rise in WWE, they’re slotted at one level and stay there forever


Balor was the first Universal Champion.I guess according to Ben he’s about to revert to that.