Fire Pro Wrestling World

Is anyone else playing this? Thought this could be a place for any discussion/good edits etc. I downloaded this for PS4 last night, so far I’ve mainly been doing the training missions and trying to edit various things (which is a pain tbh). The gameplay is a lot of fun despite losing most of the time! Early days but this feels like the best wrestling game I’ve played in ages

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The game will beat the shit out of you for a while. Then you will master the timing and become unstoppable.

After a while, you will get bored and start just watching CPU vs CPU matches. It’s super weird but happens to everyone.

I just got the game for PS4 having never played a Fire Pro game, it’s fun. Reminds me of a mix between Revenge and Warzone. Downloading CAWs is easy and the game doesn’t take an extra 3 min to load a match with them in it, a la 2KSeries. A massive downside to the WWE Universe mode is the extra load times caused by created arenas or wrestlers. I’m interested to see what Fire Promoter looks like when it’s released.

After losing a bout as Jericho for the IWGP US Title against some 5’8 dude who I assumed sucked, I worked on my timing then went on to beat Tanahashi as Omega for the IWGP Heavyweight title. Messed around a bit with the story mode and will be continuing with that later today.

Overall, I like how the emphasis is on the wrestling and fun as opposed to recreating a show I choose not to watch most weeks.

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I have had it on pc since it was an early access game. It is the best new wrestling game out right now.

I got tired of the bad wwe2k gameplay and their stupid downloadable wrestlers after you already paid full price for the game. Just a money grab. They already had those wrestlers made. They just release them later to make extra money. But people fall for that non sense and dont complain enough. Maybe if the gameplay and modes were better I could forgive them.

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Yeah this game is pretty sweet. Downloaded over 100 characters already with ease. Thought about getting 2k19 this year but may wait til a massive discount hits it at this rate.

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The CAW logic is probably one of the bigger selling points

I’ll be interested to see the promotion mode. The Japanese gba fireproof had an extremely fun version and that was years ago.

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This is the wrestling game with the best AI that I have ever seen. I have downloaded about 1000 caws. This is the only new wrestling game with official New Japan wrestlers.

You need to find a good maker and just stick with him so that the wrestlers are compatible. DJKM77 is a great maker in terms of all the promotions he makes wrestlers for and for his AI / Logic. But his appereances could use just a little bit of work. otaku2255 is another great CAW / EDIT maker. He makes great appeareances and has great logic.

I had the enlish GBA game with no promotion mode. So I am really looking forward to the new downloadable one to come out in a few months.

Any news on when the NJPW stuff will be available for the PC version?

I have not heard anything recently. It was supposed to be August 28 then they said sometime in September. I read that they are currently busy fixing some PS4 bugs / glitches. I am excited to try out the story mode plus the NJPW wrestlers but at the same time dissapointed with the delay.

They say that the team is small and that is why it is taking so long.

Good thing I am busy playing PES 2019 (The soccer game.) for the PS4 right now.

I believe that they want to have the PC NJPW DLC ready to launch in time for the European PS4 release date in late September.

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I’m hoping it won’t be too long of a wait, I’ve been patient waiting for this dlc on steam.

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Does anyone here have any recommended users for downloading PS4 CAWs?

I can’t wait to get this game. It looks so good!

I’m mainly playing the fighting road mode at the moment and it’s a lot of fun. The young lion and excursion stories are more fun than I expected, the cut scene stories are dorky but in a very entertaining way. I’m not a fan of the multi-man tags though and there seems to be quite a few of them. It’s kinda realistic for a new japan game but there’s a lot of just watching when you’re not in the ring and they last far too long.

Yeah, not a fan of the multi-mans and tags in Fighting Road but everything else is so charming and rewarding it’s difficult to be mad. Looking forward to DLing CAWs later on but right now I’m still over the moon that OMG TANAHASHI SENPAI NOTICED ME.

Ronnie H21, Jazzx57629,gorrilladaddy08
Miguel-Francisca,CBlkhawk13 & GreatnessGD are good PS4 edit creators. Good mix of legends,women & modern day wrestlers from among these people.

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For those that are interested in the NJPW DLC on PC/Steam it’s available now for $19.99. It includes 39 wrestlers & the Fighting Road Story Mode.

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I wish this was on XBOX!

Thanks for the heads up, now I can get it finally.

I want to buy it but I’m not spending $80(CAN) plus taxes on it.