First NEW (Nation Extreme Wrestling) shows

IIRC there are a handful of other folks from the greater Vancouver area here - did anyone else happen to go to either of the debut Nation Extreme Wrestling shows?

For those not aware, the largest promotion in BC was recently effectively ended amidst Speaking Out allegations, and NEW looks to be trying to fill that vacuum. Most of the evening show I went to was made up of familiar faces and was about on par with what I’ve come to expect from local shows. But the Nicole Matthews/Daniel Makabe and Artemis Spencer/Mike Bailey matches were absolutely fantastic, with the former being made up of pure grapple/submission work and the latter being a gonzo strike fest. It looked as though a lot of money was being sunk into production/recording, so I’d suggest keeping an eye out for those matches whenever they surface.


Definitely interested in checking this show out. Hopefully they get there stuff on IWTV or something similar, as visibility an issue for most Western Canadian products I feel.

Happy to hear things went well. Sounded like a cool venue (e-sports facility).

I was interested in going but tickets went fast. If they had announced Speedball earlier i definitely would have went.

Sounded like a solid show and the look of it was unique. Heard only about 100-150 fans though. I’ve also heard they are hoping to get some sort of streaming deal so the shows should be out there at some point.

I’m just glad local wrestling is back

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Hey, the whole show’s up on YT!

Matthews/Makabe starts around 1:05:50, Spencer/Bailey around 2:01:00.

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