FLASHBACK: John Pollock Meets the WWE Universe in 2008

Pollock visits Raw and interviews young members of the WWE Universe. I was dying with laughter when Pollock gave a kid a copy of the Wrestling Observer at the end of the video.

I wonder where these kids are now that they’re probably in their 20s.


How have I never seen this - fantastic :joy:

Also - I’d never seen @johnpollock with hair… bit jarring at first - but a good hairstyle… and the facial hair really suits him. I think W.H would have a positive review of his look here.

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“Is that a sign for Jesus?”
“No, Triple H”
“Triple H, that’s what I said”

That got me pretty good :joy:.


I’m imagining John having all these same interactions but with Max instead.

I’ve never seen this channel. It’s pure gold. @Brad_The_Archivist please ensure that history never forgets about these :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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That video gave me flash backs to when I took my 6 year old nephew to a Smackdown house show in 2012.

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