Flex McCallion recounts being part of Sami Zayn-Brock Lesnar segment on WWE SmackDown, Lesnar picking the extra talents

Originally published at Flex McCallion recounts being part of Sami Zayn-Brock Lesnar segment on WWE SmackDown, Lesnar picking the extra talents

McCallion deep dives into the story. 

Going into WWE’s Day 1 pay-per-view in 2022, it was promoted that Brock Lesnar would be challenging Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. Reigns tested positive for COVID-19 and was pulled from the show while Lesnar went on to win the WWE Championship in the main event.

Sami Zayn became involved with Brock Lesnar on-screen after winning a Battle Royal to secure a shot at Reigns’ title. There came a point when Lesnar and Zayn were a part of segment together on the 12/10/21 SmackDown. Zayn was in a wheelchair and was rolled to the ring by two nurses who were independent talents Flex McCallion and Richie Slade. 

McCallion was a guest on Rewind Recap Relive and told all about his involvement in the segment. He recalled Lesnar coming into a room and choosing the extras he wanted to work with. He wanted McCallion and Slade because they were buff but Michael Hayes asked Lesnar if he was sure he did not want the two tall extras that were present. Lesnar said he did not care how tall they are and he’d kick their ass. When going over the segment, Zayn advocated for McCallion to either cut the sleeves off his scrubs or wear regular clothes to show how in shape he was.

While in Gorilla, McCallion and Slade wanted to know what Lesnar was going to do to them in the ring. Brock said he’ll kick Slade and throw him out and Flex claims Lesnar said he looked like he knew how to fight so he wanted him to throw his fists up and then Lesnar would go on to do some ‘Brock sh*t’. After it was over, Richie told Flex that he think he broke his wrist and Flex added that his spleen was hurt. When both men got to the back, they were praised by WWE Hall of Famer and producer, Molly Holly. 

That was funny (being a male nurse in Sami Zayn-Brock Lesnar segment) because we were back in Gorilla and Pat McAfee was back there and he goes, ‘Sh*t dude. You’re really buff,’ and I just was like, ‘Oh, thanks man’ and he goes, ‘Dude,’ he’s like, ‘I just wanna say something about it’ and then he ended up saying the commentary like when we were walking out there with Sami Zayn in the wheelchair and then Pat’s like, ‘And that one nurse is like busting out of his –’ you know, whatever the… It was funny because Sami said — the whole process was we were just extras and me and Richie (Slade), our team on the indies and of course so we’re there together… Originally, Roman (Reigns), it was supposed to be Roman and Brock I think in the segment but Roman wasn’t there that night so then they ended up organizing. They said, ‘Okay, we’re gonna need two extras’ because at first it was like, ‘I don’t think we’re gonna use any of you guys.’ It was just like, bummer, you know? And this was the first time I ever worked with them because I never — I don’t know. I was working for almost 10 years I guess? And I never reached out to WWE so, I always wanted to but I just was never the guy, I never had the email, whatever and Richie had already done 205 Live and he had-had stints there. So he was like, ‘Here, let’s do it, let’s do it.’ So then we got on and then we’re there and Richie just told me, ‘Hey dude, don’t expect to be used…’ I said, ‘Yeah, I got you, I got you’ so then, they said, ‘Okay guys, when Brock gets here, he’ll select two of you that he wants to work with for the segment.’ So then, Brock comes in, everyone stands up. Everyone, you know, saying hi to Brock and we’re just standing there and I said to Richie, ‘Aye, push your chest out’ and Richie still tells this line, he goes, ‘It is out’ and I said, ‘Well push it out more!’ So he’s all like this and Michael Hayes is like, ‘Hey Brock, you need to pick two of these guys’ and we’re all standing there in like a pecking order. Literally bro, it’s like dodgeball. Who do you want on your team? And Brock, he looks us all over and he goes, ‘I’ll take the two buff guys on the end’ and Michael Hayes goes, ‘You sure you don’t want the two tall guys on the other end?’ And Brock goes — he used the full word and he goes, ‘I don’t give a f*ck if they’re 10 feet tall. I’ll kick their ass.’ He goes, ‘I want those two’ and they were just like, ‘Boys, get in here’ and that was it and then we hopped that barricade, we went through the segment. Sami goes right away, ‘Hey, can we have this male nurse have his sleeves cut off? Or can he lose the scrubs?’ And right away, Michael Hayes is like, ‘No! This segment isn’t about that.’ So Sami was like, ‘Hey dude, I tried to advocate for you.’ I was like, ‘I appreciate it bro.’ So, we were in Gorilla and we were opening the show. That was the first thing. The opening hits and then it’s me and Richie rolling Sami out there to the segment and we didn’t know anything of what’s going on and it’s 15 minutes to going live and we were dressed in our scrubs and we’re in Gorilla with Paul Heyman, Brock and Sami and then Brock and Sami are still going through their promo and they literally had nothing down… Me and Richie are like, ‘Do we say to Brock, hey Brock, what are we doing?’ So we said to Paul, ‘Hey Paul, what is Brock gonna give us?’ And then he goes, ‘Oh, that’s right. Brock, what are you gonna give these guys?’ And he looks at Richie and he goes, ‘Eh, I’m probably just gonna kick you and I’ll just throw you.’ It was almost like MOS code, and then he looks at me and goes, ‘You look like you could fight. Why don’t you draw a fist to me.’ He said, ‘Then I’m gonna give you some Brock sh*t’ and then that was it and then he turned away and just started just re-talking with Sami… I was thinking in my head, I’m probably not gonna take an F5 because he’s probably gonna save that for Sami. But I’m like, I’m gonna take some whatever. I’m like, well, I watched Brock for years. I know what sh*t he gives so, when the segment came out to be, we didn’t know a timing for it either. We just figured when you see Brock get amped, and so we’re in the segment and to watch them have nothing going out there in terms of talking and to come out with this promo where I was almost enjoying it but you’re a part of it but you’re enjoying what they’re saying, because it was just so professional, just so good and then all of a sudden, that moment where Paul is revving Brock up, I’m thinking in my head, this is the moment. He’s gonna attack Richie right now and at that moment, it was like boom! He runs over Richie, he picks him up. I see him pick Richie up and Richie’s just floating in midair and he throws him so hard at the rope that he hits the rope like he just hit a glass wall. Like he didn’t know it was there. So he hits the rope and he bounces off… And I’m thinking in my head, I ain’t doing that. I’m clearing it. When he grabs me, I’m going over that rope and then Brock went and just comes running at me, boom! People thought he kneed me in the face because he fell too when he delivered the whatever, the attack, you know? When I was on the ground, I started to get up and I just felt myself floating and I just was like, oh, I’m in the air right now. He’s got me by the trousers… I tell everybody, he threw me so fast and hard that you defy gravity for a moment. You can’t go the way that you think you would. I look directly at the middle rope and I’m like, I’m clearing that and then all of a sudden, my body’s just shifting into the rope. So I hit it and I bounced off all awkwardly and then he just kicked me in the spleen because he wanted me out of the ring. So he’s just like, boom! So I go underneath, I land right next to Richie face-to-face. I said, ‘Are you okay?’ He’s like, ‘I think I broke my wrist’ and he’s like, ‘You okay?’ I’m like, ‘Oh yeah. I think my spleen is caved in’ and that was it. We only got like one move each. We get to the back and then Molly Holly’s there and she’s like, ‘Dude, you guys did so good.’ She’s like, ‘You totally made it like you’re not workers and it’s perfect’ and I just was like, yeah, that’s what we did… We wanted to make sure that you had no clue that we knew what we were doing. So, totally cool, it was totally fun…

Over the summer, Brock Lesnar wrapped up his recent run with WWE by falling in defeat to Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam. Lesnar and Rhodes’ program kicked off the night after WrestleMania 39 night two. 

If the quote in this article are used, please credit Rewind Recap Relive with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription. 

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