for those frustrated with the booking of njpw for most of 2018...

Just wanted to share this awesome video essay I came across that was made by Forrest Sowa about NJPW booking in 2018 criticizing things like the direction of the belts and how the Elite have negatively impacted the direction going forward.

Hope you enjoy it.

Wow…if I made a video about defending WWE’s questionable booking, I’d be ripped a new one.

It’s always one set of rules for one company while others get all this leeway.

Thanks, I’ll check that out soon. The only NJPW booking I haven’t liked this year was the elite break up/getting back together. Too much amateur dramatics for me, and far too much Cody in main events.

Cody’s major involvement which at times felt redundant and unecessary seemed like a US focused thing which I can agree isn’t great for NJPW booking. The Bullet Club split could have been more impactful following the one night beatdown in San Fran.


  • Golden Lovers Reunion
  • Okada loses title and thus his persona
  • Gedo turns in Chaos/Okada to join BC with a white
  • White emergence getting wins over top guys in A block
  • Bucks go to heavyweight
  • Osprey goes to heavyweight (even with the injury)
  • and Tanahashi (old guard) v Omega (new guard) is a story as old as time with the changing of the guard and I think the point there was been well put.

Name me 5 better storylines that moved the ball for the company/division/characters further downfield in WWE that wasn’t a result of the fans deciding WWE booking was bad and they’d go opposite of their intended direction