For Those Going to Starrcast

What events are you going to attend and who do you want to meet?

Below is my lineup:


  • Monday Night Wars Debate with Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff

  • Botchamania Live + Meet & Greet with Maffew and Tony Schiavone


  • Video Game Tournament

  • WHW Live with Tony Schiavone

  • Dungeon of Doom Photo Op

  • Either Total Nonstop Jarrett or Wrestlecrap Live. Both are happening during the same time and am torn on which one to attend. Scott Steiner cut a promo on Twitter saying he was going to slap Conrad at the TNA event, so may have to go that one.

I have to leave early on Friday so won’t be staying for the evening events, but there looks to be a lot of fun stuff planned with All-In Weigh In and Press Conference, Trivia, The Roast of Bruce Prichard, and Karaoke.


  • Remembering Andy Kaufman with Jerry Lawler, Dutch Mantel, and Bill Apter (will ditch the last 30 minutes of this to see Post Wrestling Live)

  • Post Wrestling Live (of course)

  • Primetime with Sean Mooney Live (Meet and Greet with Jim Johnston and Sean Mooney before the show)

  • Scott Steiner Meet and Greet


  • Marty & Sarah Love Wresting

  • Ringside with JR

  • The Lapsed Fan (maybe)

  • Why It Ended with Robbie E (maybe)

Who I Want To Meet
Scott Steiner
Brutus Beefcake
John and Wai
Jerry Lawler
Sean Mooney
Conrad Thompson
Jim Johnston
RD Reynolds
Tony Schiavone
Lex Luger
Wade Keller

I would stay so far away from the Monday Night Wars debate. It’s been talked about so much, it’s become nauseating.

Not sure where to ask this, do you need starcast tickets for the Post wrestling live. Im guessing a lot will be discussed on tonights show. Thanks.

I don’t think Bischoff will ever get tired of talking about that. There isn’t an avenue too small to talk about the MNWs. How much is there really left to say at this point.

I haven’t heard much from John and Wai about what they are going to do at their event. What are they going to talk about or do during their spot?

They are doing a live Ask-A-Wai.

The Keepin it 100 crew say they’re gonna do random drop ins on people, I hope POST Wrestling is one of them. I wanna hear those guys together.


Dude…how are you not going to Elite Karaoke w/ Scurll? That is going to be hilarious and on at the same time. There is probably going to be some fun stuff that goes down there, as opposed to stories you’ve probably heard over and over.

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I’m more of a fan of older wrestling than I am of the current scene. I’m likely in the minority, but the nostalgia acts at this convention appeal more to me than most of the current indy stars. Conrad is the host of the debate, so it should still be pretty entertaining.

No Starrcast ticket required for our podcast recording (a live Ask-A-Wai) as the Podcast Movement studio will be in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg. Saturday 10am-11:30am.

We’ll be inside the convention afterwards hoping to meet all of you, handing out stickers, POSTcards and selling POST tees all the way until we have to leave for ALL IN.


Elite Karaoke and Papa Buck’s Jam Session sounded like extremely fun times when it was first announced. looking forward to hopefully seeing some Youtube vids