Former Sendai Girls' talent Rea Marumori joins Marigold

Originally published at Former Sendai Girls' talent Rea Marumori joins Marigold

A new addition to the talent roster.

Rossy Ogawa’s Dream Star Fighting Marigold held their 6/11 show at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. As the event was underway, the newest member of the Marigold roster was introduced and out from behind the curtain came Rea Marumori

She joined Rossy in the ring. Marumori is a former Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling talent. In December 2022, she completed her training to step into the ring for Sendai Girls’ but afterwards, she suffered a broken collarbone. 

Marumori would make her in-ring debut for the promotion in August 2023. Since then, she’s had a total of 15 matches and the latest took place in January. 

In February, she took a break from in-ring action due to health-related matters and ended up leaving Sendai Girls’ in May. Tokyo Sports noted that before the 6/11 Marigold show, Ogawa and Sendai Girls’ co-owner Meiko Satomura met and that led to the decision of Marumori to have the in-ring segment with Ogawa. 

She shared that she became interested in Marigold after seeing posts from Nanae Takahashi on social media. She wants to have a fresh start on her career and is going to re-debut with Marigold.