Former WWE Talent Jason Sensation Makes Gun Threat Ahead Of RAW, Update On...

Anyone else see this?

Vince Russo claims to have spoken to him and he said it was a joke and he’s sorry.

And people think my jokes are bad.

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Dude suffers from severe depression I hear and has mental issues.

If that’s the case, i don’t get why is family hasn’t done anything about it yet. If that’S true then he really need to gey help and fast because this feel like a cry for help?

Anyway, i’m just glad that nothing happened as toronto has had his share of tragedies lately and the last thing they need now is another tragedy to happen.

No excuses, no matter his mental.state it was flat out stupid and probably cost that city and the building some money and should have measures taken to make sure no other moron does anything similar.

There’s not even a punchline to this supposed joke.

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It may not be that easy for his family for a variety of reasons

No excuses. I was there last night. I never saw so many kids and famillies. If I was a father I would have left with my kids if I heard the threat in the arena.

Then to hear he wasn’t even at the show where he scared innocent people. Coward! Absolute scum!

Please there is no way you could get a gun into an arena. Unless I’m completely naive and there are guns and bullets that can get through metal detectors. I knew the whole time he was full of crap. Dude has had real mental issues for a while now.