Forum titles that reflect your subscription tier...

… as opposed to “POST Wrestling Café Patron”. Yay/nay? Only certain tiers? Keep everyone the same?
Leave thoughts below.

I am all for tiers. Allows for a little more transparency. I for one would enjoy knowing who is drinking espresso around here and give then the respect they are due :smile:

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Yeah, go for it, it’s a little extra perk of being a paid subscriber.

Going on a bit further, how about the ability for Patreon’s (I guess that’s the term) to have their own custom forum title?

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I think it sounds like a cool idea

if you can afford to spend the extra money to get the top tiers than you should be able to show it off a little :wink:

+1 for putting title and nicknames for tiers. You only have a limited number of ways to add some value to the money people are paying to be patrons and showing your title is an easy way to add value.

Also, the nicknames makes sense too. You paid for a tier of a given name, but your role as a member of that tier should be a different name. Here are some suggestions.

One Milk One Sugar - Single Shooter
Double Double - Double Shooter
Iced Cappucino - Capptain
Espresso - Expressutive


+1 to above and beyond.

I am hell bent on “Espresso Producer”, but I absolutely love your ideas for “Single Shooter” “Double Shooter” and “Cappitan”

EDIT: Upon further reflection, and actually saying it out loud “Expressutive” is far more creative than “Espressso Producer”

Full transparency baybay!!

I’m not too into it. People patron because they can, and some people patron less because they have to. I feel like listing titles might lead to some classism and general ego here and there – but this is coming from someone who wouldn’t mind not having ANY identifying marks of my patronage on the forum. I’m probably in the minority here but I don’t really like making a paid hierarchy be a feature-not-a-bug of Post.


Well said kenrique.

Definitely some valid concerns. I’d like to open the forum up to more input before proceeding. So if you have opinion, please let us know.

Yeah makes sense with regard to higher patron classes deserving of priority for feedback and such.