Found a bunch of old LAW podcasts


I wasn’t really paying attention to wrestling and had fallen away from the LAW when Anthem did what Anthem did…so sorry if this is all covered; but I’ve discovered a bunch of old LAW stuff on my hard drive - some JAW, Interviews, Review-a-Wai, whtsNXT etc. All listed in the photo below. Is anyone collecting this stuff for a wider archive or is interested in it?


There’s an archive of the old review a wais. Think a lot of these may still be available on the old law podcast feed.

I still have my collection of LAW archives I’ve downloaded from years back.

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Anyone know where I can get an episode of JAWS or SMC?

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Hey @Sohnata, I’ve been looking for the 2017 G1 climax podcasts and I can’t find it on the archive. I think it’s the set that you have. Would you mind sharing like a Google drive link with the files uploaded?

Sure - if you fire over your email address I can get that set up.