Freddie Prinze Jr. shares plans for independent wrestling company

Originally published at Freddie Prinze Jr. shares plans for independent wrestling company

Freddie Prinze Jr. elaborated on his plans to launch an independent wrestling promotion on the latest edition of Wrestling with Freddie.

The actor and former WWE writer had previously spoken about plans to launch a California-based promotion when speaking with Ariel Helwani earlier this year.

Prinze Jr. stated on his show that his hope is to launch the promotion within eighteen months but doesn’t expect to have a television deal when the promotion launches.

He stated that the financing for the promotion should allow him to have a three-year run, meaning he doesn’t expect it to make money within that time frame.

The idea is to find a location in Los Angeles that the group can call its full-time home, where they will shoot episodes and produce a two-hour show, which Prinze Jr. would own.

He is not in the process of hiring any wrestlers yet. Prinze Jr. would serve as a writer and oversee the project but would hire a booker, understanding that aspect is not his strength.

His mission statement is for the company to have reality-based storylines, equal time allotted to male and female talent, and to allow all his talent to become members of SAG (Screen Actors Guild).

Prinze Jr. shared his opinion that WWE will eventually be sold and believes the first move that talent should make when that happens, is to unionize and feels it will never happen while Vince McMahon is running the company.

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