FREEDOMS' 13th Anniversary Report: Team FREEDOMS vs. Team GCW

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FREEDOM’s 13th Anniversary Event

October 2, 2022, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Tag Team Match: Dragon Libre & Kamui vs. Jun Masaoka & Rekka

Rekka and Kamui started the match off with a brief chain wrestling exchange followed by a stiff shoulder tackle from Rekka. Dragon tagged in for his partner and took the fight to Rekka but Rekka quickly used his size to his advantage and overpowered Dragon in the corner. The two men traded a series of chops with Rekka getting the best of the situation; Rekka made the tag to Jun who continued the beatdown of Dragon on the floor. Jun retrieved a caution-wet floor sign and hit Dragon over the back with it to the delight of the crowd. Jun paint brushed Dragon a couple of times before Dragon retaliated and slapped Jun in the face and kicked him in the gut.

Kamui ran wild on Jun for a little bit but was eventually tripped up and hit with a senton. Jun once again hit Dragon with the wet floor sign, he went for another shot but Dragon kicked the sign into his face. Rekka planted Dragon with a vicious Death Valley Driver but Dragon kicked out and hit a Code Red for the victory.

Dragon Libre & Kamui Defeated Jun Masaoka & Rekka

Tag Team Match: GENTARO & Tatsuhito Takaiwa vs. ERE (Dobunezumi Fukki & Toshiyuki Sakuda

GENTARO and Fukki started the match with a stiff lockup, GENTARO took Fukki to the mat and started to work over the masked wrestler’s legs, Fukki regained the advantage and made the tag to Sakuda. Sakuda went to work on Takaiwa with a series of kicks and strikes to the back of his head, Takaiwa turned the tables and took Sakuda down with a chop block then backed him in the corner and started to deliver some chops and headbutts. Sakuda was able to escape and Fukki made the hot tag and ran ‘wild’ on their opponents, his momentum was cut off by Takaiwa who placed him on the top rope and hit him with a superplex. The two teams fought back and forth for a while, Sakuda eventually fired up and hit a couple of dropkicks that provided some separation between him and his opponents. Fukki spiked GENTARO with a package piledriver for the victory.

Toshiyuki Sakuda and Dobunezumi Fukki Defeated GENTARO and Tatsuhito Takaiwa

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Kikutaro, Minoru Fujita, and Takashi Sasaki vs. Jordan Oliver, Nick Wayne, and Rina Yamashita

Kiku and NIck Wayne began the match with a series of headlock takeover reversals before the pace started to pick up. Wayne took Kiku off of his feet with a standing headscissors followed by a dropkick that sent Kiku to the floor; Sasaki and Oliver were next into the match and they began a feeling-out process with the veteran Sasaki getting the upper hand. Oliver fired back up and was able to take Sasaki off of his feet, Fujita hit Oliver from behind but Nick Wayne made his way into the ring to try and make the save. Fujita had the upper hand for a little bit but the quickness of Wayne and Oliver proved to be too much as they hit a series of tandem maneuvers. Fujita and Oliver traded fists in the center of the ring with Oliver getting the best of the situation; Wayne was tagged back in and took Fujita off of his feet with a sling blade. Wayne went for the pin but the ref was distracted by Kiku so he was slow to make the count. Rina tagged in and continued the beatdown of Fujita with a series of strikes, Fujita was able to escape and made the tag to Sasaki who took Rina off of her feet with a leg lariat and followed that up with a stiff clothesline in the corner. Sasaki placed Rina up on the top rope and hit her with a superplex, Rina fired back up and tried to take Sasaki off of his feet with a lariat but she was unable to. Eventually she got him down with a forearm and she made the tag to Nick Wayne, Wayne planted Sasaki with a beautiful Northern Lights suplex that resulted in a close nearfall. Oliver made his way back into the match and was paired up with Kiku, the two traded chops in the center of the ring, and Kiku planted Oliver with a German Suplex. Oliver was able to fire up and he leveled Kiku with an Acid Kick for a near fall. Kiku grounded Rina with a dragon screw, he went for the shining wizard but it was blocked by Rina who planted him with a DDT. Oliver and Wayne hit Kiku with tandem Cloutcutters followed by Splash Mountain from Rina who secured the victory.

Rina Yamashita, Nick Wayne, and Jordan Oliver Defeated Kikutaro, Minoru Fujita, and Takashi Sasaki

Deathmatch: SHLAK & EFFY vs. Drew Parker and Violento Jack

EFFY started the match for his team and said “I want the twink” referring to Drew Parker; EFFY and Parker did some chain wrestling to start with Parker quickly getting the advantage. Parker started to run the ropes but was cut off when EFFY dropped to his knees. SHLAK and Jack got sick of the shenanigans and stormed the ring with chairs, all four sat in the chairs and shared a drink, EFFY didn’t like his drink and ate a punch from Jack because of it. Parker and SHLAK started to tee off on each other, EFFY egged Drew on, and Drew kicked him out of the chair. SHLAK did the same thing to Drew as SHLAK and Jack proceeded to run at each other with a set of chairs. Parker hit EFFY with a couple of kicks to the head but EFFY responded right away with a punch of his own followed by a slam and senton. Drew Parker grabbed a staple gun and started to staple EFFY’s head, Drew retrieved his darts and threw them into EFFY’s back and ass. Drew Parker tried to do the same thing to SHLAK but started to bite them, SHALK retrieved a plastic bag from EFFY’s trunks and placed it over the face of Drew Parker, while also shanking him in the forehead. SHLAK hit a tope which took out Drew on the floor. Jack and EFFY were left in the ring, EFFY hit Jack with a couple of hip thrusts followed by the under the rainbow for a two count. EFFY placed a ‘cut can’ board in the center of the ring and tried to suplex Jack onto it but his fortunes were reversed and ended up eating the cans himself. Drew Parker returned to the ring to help with the beatdown of EFFY, Drew kicked EFFY in the back of the head and Jack hit him with a gut buster but the pin was broken up by a charging SHLAK. SHALK emptied a trash can full of cans in the center of the ring, he got Drew Parker up on his shoulders and EFFY came off the top with a leg lariat for a two count. Drew Parker climbed to the top rope but EFFY met him up there, Drew kissed EFFY causing him to fall off the top rope which allowed Drew to hit a Swanton Bomb for the victory.

Drew Parker and Violento Jack Defeated SHLAK and EFFY

King of Freedom Tag Team Title Barbed Wire Board & Thumbtack Board Deathmatch: Soul Meat (Tomoya Hirata & Toru Sugiura) (Champions) vs. Cole Radrick & Joey Janela

Hirata and Joey started off the match by trying to take each other off their feet with shoulder tackles, Joey was unsuccessful every time so he resorted to poking Hirata in the eyes. Joey made the tag to Cole who caught both Sugiura and Hirata with a low bridge followed by a moonsault. Cole was drop-kicked chest first into the barbed wire board by Toru who continued to press his face into the wire with his boot. Toru wrapped the wire around Cole’s head and made the tag to Hirata who proceeded to do the same thing. Toru grabbed a couple of thumbtacks and spiked them into Cole’s head, Toru grabbed a mallet that had tacks on it and hit it into Cole’s arm. To make sure the tacks didn’t go anywhere Toru punched them for good measure; the champions were firmly in control until Cole fired up and took them both out with swinging DDTs. Toru was sent to the floor and was taken out by Joey Janela, Joey got Hirata up on his shoulders and planted him on the apron with a Death Valley Driver followed by a chairshot to the head. Joey made the tag to Cole who hit Hirata with a jumping elbow for a two count; Cole hit Hirata with an alligator roll followed by a couple of kicks to his head. Joey swung wildly with a chair, Hirata ducked and was able to make the tag to his partner. Toru fired up and took Joey and Cole out with a crossbody followed by two chairs to their heads. Cole was placed in the corner with a barbed wire board in front of him, Toru hit a cannonball but was only able to get a two count. Joey tried to jump Toru from behind but he was speared by Hirata. All four men stood in the center of the ring and traded forearms, Toru and Hirata hit Joey over the heads with chairs but they no sold it and delivered chair shots of their own. Joey ran wild on Hirata and Toru, hitting them with chair shots and a couple of lariats. Joey piled some barbed wire and chairs in the center of the ring but before he was able to use them Hirata hit him with a massive German Suplex for a near fall. Cole caught Hirata with a kick to the jaw followed by one to the back of the head which sent him to the apron, Toru tried to fire up on Cole and Joey but he was planted with a deadlift German suplex followed by an air raid crash through a chair. Toru tossed a bundle of tubes to Joey and hit him with a forearm causing Joey’s chest to be cut open. Joey went to the floor but he couldn’t escape because Toru hit him with a tope; Cole attempted a brainbuster but was planted with an STO followed by a moonsault for the victory.

Soul Meat Retained the King of FREEDOMS Tag Team Championships

Fluorescent Lightube Deathmatch: Alex Colon, Jimmy Lloyd, and John Wayne Murdoch vs. Daisuke Masaoka, Jun Kasai, and Masashi Takeda

The match started with all six men brawling in the center of the ring, Jimmy Lloyd charged Masaoka with a riot shield covered in tubes, Colon sent Jun flying into the ropes which were covered in light tubes and Murdoch did the same thing to Takeda. They started to brawl on the floor with each man taking their fair share of light tube shots to the body, Takeda started to carve away at Murdoch’s forehead with the jagged edge of a broken tube. Jimmy Lloyd brought Masaoka over into the corner which allowed Murdoch to hit him with a couple of shots to the gut followed by a stunner, suplex, and senton combo from Team GCW. Murdoch was caught with a swinging DDT which allowed Masaoka the chance to tag in Jun who broke a tube over his own head and started running at Murdoch with vicious lariats. Jun stabbed a fork into his own head, got a head of steam, and took Murdoch out with a stiff lariat. Murdoch popped back up to his feet and made the tag to Jimmy Lloyd who grounded Jun with a falcon arrow but he was unable to secure the deal; the two traded headbutts and forearms with Jun getting the best of the exchange. Jun grabbed a handful of skewers out of his pocket and slammed them into the head of Jimmy Lloyd, Lloyd was then sent face-first into the steel platform that was in the corner and subsequently suplexed off of it. Takeda and Jun had Jimmy isolated in the center of the ring, they hit a combination of kicks followed by a chokeslam onto some tubes. Takeda placed a bundle of tubes on the chest of Jimmy Lloyd and came off the top rope with a huge senton, Jun hit his big splash but Colon and Murdoch broke up the pin just in time. Masaoka came off the top with a tube-assisted missile dropkick which sent Lloyd to the floor. Masaoka and Colon had a chair duel in the center of the ring that saw neither man win, Colon hit his tube-assisted double knees but Masaoka popped back up and planted Colon onto the broken glass with a Death Valley Driver. Takeda tossed some tubes to Colon and then drop-kicked them, Colon responded with some tubes of his own followed by a series of forearms. Colon sent Takeda to the floor and hit him with his tube-assisted tope, Colon threw Takeda back into the ring, Lloyd got him up on his shoulders and they spiked him with a piledriver. Murdoch went to the top rope and hit a destroyer, he grabbed some tubes and Colon came off the top with a frog splash. Jun broke up the pin attempt and hit a Destroyer of his own off the top. Takeda grabbed a bundle of tubes and hit Colon with a knee strike but Jimmy and Murdoch made the save just in time. Colon went for the tube-assisted double knee again but the tubes didn’t break so he smashed them across Takeda’s chest, Colon went to the top rope and planted Takeda with an implant DDT onto a bundle of tubes. Colon swung wildly with a bundle but Takeda hit a spinning back fist which shattered the tubes across Colon’s face. The two men fought on top of the steel platform with Takeda hitting his finisher off the top onto a bundle of tubes for the victory.

Team FREEDOMS Defeated Team GCW