Friday Night SmackDown does largest audience since November

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Photo courtesy: WWE

The overnight audience for Friday Night SmackDown saw the program register its highest average since November for an episode promoted around a Tables match between Roman Reigns and Robert Roode.

The overnight figure saw an average of 2,616,000 watching the first hour, an average of 2,544,000 in the second and an overall mark of 2,580,000 viewers.

The show also topped all other network programming among adults 18-49 with SmackDown averaging a 0.8 over the entire show. They also did an 0.5 with adults 18-34, which was the top program among network shows Friday evening.

If the number finishes in this range, it would be SmackDown’s largest audience since November 8th, which was one week after the NXT invasion episode. The November 8th episode was on a several-hour delay and was taped earlier in the day from Manchester, England.

The final number covering the entire country will be out Monday.

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Mandy Rose and Otis bringing in the viewers.


More idiots than normal with nothing else to do but watch bad TV

As opposed to the one with nothing better to do than label people as such :roll_eyes:


I think Otis is gonna be a star for many years in this company. He may not be WWE title level, but they love their comedy guys.


I saw the number and just assumed Brandi had jumped from AEW.