Future Guests

I agree. Which is why I would be interested in their perspective of if working for WWE has influenced their coverage or given them any insight into the product.

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You know what I would love?

Get me fans of Raw and Smackdown.

I want to hear actual 50 + yr olds that love and watch the shows on. I really would love to pick their brains about why they love these shows and keep watching and what demographics in their home join them

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I’d second Jimmy Korderas, always enjoyed his shows with John back when… Tom Lawlor was always a good to hear from too.

A totally random one and compeltely wish fulfilment for me would be Marc Haynes from the WrestleMe podcast (my second favourite wrestling podcast). Its a show that’s mostly been about reviewing every Wrestlemania (they’re on 24 now) with his Co-presenter who had never watched wrestling before, and Marc is a very polished, funny and knowledgeable presenter (he’s an ex radio DJ) … So would be a good discussion in the lead up to Mania as a bit of a walk down memory lane (but really it’d just be a great combination of my two favourite podcasts)

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Definitely has to be Benno JP and Joe from the GRAPPL Spotlight podcast. :slight_smile:

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Court Bauer
Dave Meltzer

Never going to be sick of hearing from Dan Lovranski and Robin Black. Would also love to have a show about anything with Jason Agnew.

Would love to hear Sarah Shockey - she’s a host of Marty + Sarah Love Wrestling and has done a lot of work (Commentary, backstage, etc) with independent wrestling organizations here in Chicago. She’s very entertaining and would be a great guest to provide insight on the booming independent scene that she’s very in tune with in and out of the Chicago scene.

Not only would she be a great guest but it would be nice to get representation of a female voice on the Post network as a change of pace since much of the wrestling community is male-saturated.


I’d love to hear more from women across the industry; refs, commentators, wrestlers, bookers, podcasters etc etc. A very underserved part of the wrestling community/business.


The Lapsed Fan podcast hosts - Jack Encarnaceo and JP Sarro. The work these guys do diving into retro shows and inserting their own brand of humor makes for a very unique podcast. I also think they would be excellent guests to talk to about what keeps them from enjoying the current product.