Future Review Suggestions?

The only version of Cactus vs Funk KOTDM I’ve seen is their version, and I can’t imagine watching that match without it. I think they’re hilarious.

I did see the one that someone (it may have been you) posted on youtube for Akiyama and Kobashi. Great match that and its always great to hear Mauro on anything, especially on classic japanese pro wrestling. I would really love to hear Mauro call that chop battle. Maybe someday it will become available.

Yes, that was on my account.

Any hoodslam would make a great review

Souled Out 2000
Spring Stampede 2000
Slamboree 2000
Fall Brawl 2000
Mayhem 2000
Starrcade 2000
Superbrawl Revenge 2001

I would love the guys to touch on the CZW/ROH feud either by watching a ROH show (I recommend 100) or a CZW show (When 2 Worlds Collide) or they could do the Cage of Death blow off in ROH at Death Before Dishonor of that year (2006).

The Jack Gallagher documentary that’s on Vimeo with lots of extra features. Great insight into how he started and touches on his brief MMA career too (2-0).

Would love to see them review any of those awful ECW shows on SyFy that the WWE put on. I remember having such high hopes for that show when it was announced and after seeing the zombie on the first show, realizing that the show was already doomed

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