Fyter Fest vs Great American Bash, night 1

Who gets the (overall) ratings?

  • Fyter Fest
  • GAB

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Bryan Alvarez is saying that they are taping night 2 of Fyter Fest after tonight’s live broadcast. Are there gonna be spoilers leaked?

“We’re in a ratings war!”

I’ve got a feeling they’ll leak.

Nothing has leaked so far from any tapings…

It’s actually the most impressive thing of this entire stretch of no crowds wrestling, the lack of spoilers.

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Is it though? I feel like the lack of fans make it extremely easy for keeping secrets.

Are we talking overall rating? Or in the key demo?

Overall, has NXT ever won the key demo?

No they haven’t. You can see a breakdown here.

AEW has won in the key demo every week, but last week was the closest since the two shows began going head to head with AEW just edging out NXT (.22) to (.19). So if there was ever a week for it to happen, it would be this week.

With that said, I think NXT will win overall and that AEW will take the main demo. Though, since it is essentially a PPV, I could see AEW getting its viewers back.

Thanks for clarifying.

I don’t even know how to watch NXT anymore in Canada aside from the condensed version prior to smackdown. I just listen to upNXT now instead of watching.

But it would matter anyways… in my opinion the AEW product is significantly better and far more enjoyable on a weekly basis

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Yeah, IMO that’s impressive still because of how many things leak before events like the Rumble, etc. does make me think past leaks were always intentional.

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That Taz promo was the highlight of the night,felt like Taz was back to ECW venom spitting Taz without the swearing.

And… I spoke too soon.
Looks like finish of next week’s main event of Bash was leaked.

Sounds like a sloppy shop.


I mean, it was an employee who posted the result on their social media.


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Remember kids,spoilers are super fun

AEW 748K
NXT 792K

Sloppy shop takes the night (but loses the :key: demo).

Has he been fired yet? He probably should be. I’m sure its the number one rule of being apart of these tapings is that you don’t tell anyone any results and you especially don’t post any spoilers.

I got an email today saying it would air on sports net Friday night at 7pm et… 4pm pt.

Hope he is sacked for being a part of the most mundane tag team in living history,they make The Butcher and the Blade look like the Rock n Roll Express