G1 2020 Contest Results Updates

Hello, G1 contest entrants! Thanks to the 429 of you who entered this year’s contest and good luck to you all. I will be posting PDFs of results and statistics to this thread in a similar fashion as to what was done in prior years.

Randobot 2000 is back again! This is a list of picks that was completely random so you can compare your results and see if you’re as accurate as a series of coin-flips. :smiley:

CLICK HERE for a master list of Listener Predictions

Randobot 2000’s score after day 17: 45 out of 85
CLICK HERE for a list of Randobot 2000’s picks.

Results PDFs:

Day 1 (Osaka)
Day 2 (Osaka)
Day 3 (Hokkaido)
Day 4 (Hokkaido)
Day 5 (Hyogo)
Day 6 (Tokyo)
Day 7 (Tokyo)
Day 8 (Niigata)
Day 9 (Kagawa)
Day 10 (Hiroshima)
Day 11 (Hiroshima)
Day 12 (Okayama)
Day 13 (Osaka)
Day 14 (Aichi)
Day 15 (Shizuoka)
Day 16 (Kanagawa)
Day 17 (Tokyo)
Day 18 (Tokyo) - Final Report with full contest results


Thank you for the amazing work. Always find it interesting to see what everyone else picks percentage wise night by night.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks again for taking on this huge task. It’s always fun to see how your own picks (and Gedo’s) do and don’t match up with popular opinion.

Not sure if this is a major issue or not, but I noticed something strange in the e-mail copy of my picks. Four times the pick is listed as “YOU TOO”. This didn’t appear in the drop down menu when I was making my picks, and I didn’t pick any draws, so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, or if my actual picks were recorded correctly. Has anyone else noticed this?

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You’re very welcome. I have to give credit to @wai0937… He did the most tedious part this year of updating the Google form to this year’s matches. I had set aside time last weekend to do it but when I logged in I was like “Holy crap… Wai already did it all!” Now I just have the easy part of watching 90 great NJPW matches and uploading some results; a database does the rest! I really like looking at the stats, too.

That “YOU TOO” thing is really weird. I looked in the raw data file and I don’t see any results showing “YOU TOO.” I looked up that particular match and every response is either Sanada, Zack, or Draw so whatever’s causing “YOU TOO” to appear in your Google form didn’t affect your responses. If you download the PDF above of listener responses and search for your name you can find yours and verify.


You’re welcome! Randobot does a good job tabulating the results daily. :slight_smile:

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Cool, thanks! Just checked the master pdf, and yep, my picks are correct. I think the “YOU TOO” string is appearing whenever I’ve picked SANADA, and some googling suggests that “sanada” can translate from Japanese as “you too”, so I’m guessing some web page/software in the chain of custody just auto-translated it. Weird in any case, but no harm no foul. Thanks to @wai0937 as well - looking forward to seeing how the field shakes out and who the C Block champ will be this year.

That’s hilarious. Your browser is trying to screw up your picks. :smiley:

Just a small error on the Block A chart. Taichi is listed as beating Jay White instead of Jeff Cobb.

My bias and love of The Holy Emperor comes through. He will win B-Block undefeated in my mind! :slight_smile:
Good catch, Brad. I will fix it.

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Closing my eyes and avoiding all spoilers. It has been weird not having the English version available. I have not started the G1 but am starting to think I may have to watch non-English if only to not fall too far behind. Anyone else considering how to keep up with it?

Try watching it with Japanese commentary, man. They emote so well it’s really enjoyable even if you don’t speak the language (which is the case for me). It’s a little strange at first but give it a try.


Yeah you can feel the emotion. If you’ve never watched before you can tell if it’s a signature move just by the reaction

Yeah, I’ll echo what everyone else is saying and also add that for the last few years that I’ve had New Japan World, I’ve felt similarly. I’d mostly just avoid any tours that were entirely in Japanese because Kevin Kelly or whoever didn’t make the trip over. But since the return from the shutdown, I’ve pretty much watched every show with the Japanese commentary and I’ve really enjoyed it even while understanding nearly nothing. The way they react to things, you absolutely know what they’re focused on and they’re great at rising and falling in the right moments of a match. Something I’ve actually noticed is I pay far more attention to the actual matches without the English, which definitely helps it stick more in the midst of 9-12 hours of American wrestling I possibly watch per week and I’m far more interested in each match on my own (which is nice when you’re trying to stay awake during the Live G1 watches at 4 in the morning).

I do sometimes still try to save a show or two (or do a rewatch if I have some spare time) to watch in English later on just because Kevin Kelly is great at summing up whatever the big storylines or background is heading into a particular tour…but you really don’t need more than that to know what NJPW wants you to focus on and enhance the Japanese views. So yeah…I’d say after you get done with the first two shows (that are up now), I would definitely recommend trying the Japanese ones tif you want to stay up to date. It doesn’t diminish the experience at all.

You are all right. I have watched plenty in Japanese. Wanted to see the delay in the English for the G1. I’ll give it a go so I don’t fall behind!

Day 3 added.

The C Block sees a huge shift at the top.

I feel eliminated after today lol. All I got right was Okada winning. Fun to watch though!

Are Randobot’s picks not in the master list? If they aren’t is it possible to add them or publish them in some other way?

I like this stuff. I’m sorry if my re-editing may have made things harder as I put in my picks, but then re-edited them when I had time and wanted to go through a google sheet to figure out all the points.


If this gets troll edited, I have a copy but so far, it’s been 3/5 every day. So at least some consistency. Now I need Yano and Taichi not to keep screwing me over.

Hi! I put Randobot’s picks in its own file. If you look right under his record in the post above you can download them.

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New page in report: The Daily Perfect. The PDF from today and onward will have a list of the people that picked all 5 of the day’s matches correctly.

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