G1 Climax 28 Review: August 4 – Naito vs. Ibushi, Omega vs. Ishii

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Wai Ting is joined by WH Park (who attended today’s show in Osaka) to review Day 14 of the G1 Climax 28.

Day 14 (August 4) is headlined by Tetsuya Naito vs. Kota Ibushi and Tomohiro Ishii vs. Kenny Omega.

Saturday, Aug. 4
Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium (Edion Arena Osaka)

  • Tetsuya Naito vs. Kota Ibushi
  • Tomohiro Ishii vs. Kenny Omega
  • Juice Robinson vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
  • Hirooki Goto vs. Tama Tonga
  • Toru Yano vs. SANADA

(Recommended matches in bold)

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I had such high hopes for Tama Tonga going into this tournament but man has he disappointed, he really hasn’t had any great matches and as WH mentioned has only gathered the wrong heat throughout.

I really don’t know how to ask this without coming off mean, but I gotta ask this. Can we please not have WH on any G1 recap shows? One of the main reasons I love Post is the lack of the snobby attitude that so many shows have but then a snob like WH comes on and shits on everything and just brings down the entire episode. I get that he is a big puro mark, but bragging about watching obscure matches while shitting on a great Tama Tonga match just exemplifies the snobby attitude that had kept me from following other shows.

A great Tama Tonga match? That has to be a joke, right? Because I’ve never seen a singles match, I dont even know if I can say I have seen a tag team match, that Tama Tonga has been in, that I would call great.

Not everyone is going to enjoy everything. I quite enjoy hearing his take on things, so I hope we hear more of him on other stuff.

Even Wai said it was a good match. Also, WH talking trash about Omega’s character work was clearly him trying to troll people. He just buried Tama, saying things like he’s incapable of putting together a singles match despite having had a number of great matches. This Stone Cold character he’s playing has been a blast, finally giving the Bullet Club back some actual heel heat. Anything to get the Bullet Club back more to the bad ass take no prisoners style faction.

If anyone is trolling bro, I’m pretty sure its you. I’ve heard WH state his opinion on Kenny many times in the past and I’m pretty sure he isnt the type that cares if you think he’s trolling. Wai may have said it was a good match, I’ve never heard him say it was a great match. I’ve never heard anyone except you say Tama Tonga has had a great match. I also havent heard anyone say that its good heel heat that he’s getting.

But to each his own, maybe you just really love Tama Tonga and have lower expectations than WH or myself.

WH just comes off as a snob, if it isn’t pure puro it’s garbage and that’s objectively not true. You can’t tell me that Tama didn’t put on a great match with Goto. Not liking the run in and dq finish is one thing but trashing what was a very fun match is petty snobbery. He gave a glowing review of Yano v Sanada which was just a boring repeat of the Yano v Naito match two nights before. It’s a clear double standard.

While Tama has had some good undercard matches tagging with Loa, I’m rather underwhelmed by his actually G1 run. Only champion he defended was Juice Robinson (US Champion) & not challenging for the block win over the last three shows.

Honestly I’ve just been tuning out during the BCOG matches. Yes both the NJPW referees allow plenty of leeway & interference in kinda normal in NJPW as well.

I guess I was just expecting more then about 10 DQ finishes from the BCOG during the G1 blocks.