G1 Climax 31 Contest: Day 18 & Final Contest Results

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And that’s a wrap! The 2021 G1 Climax is done and dusted. Thank you for everyone who participated and I hope you all sign up next year.

Below are the results from day 18, the final contest results, and some extra statistics that I track. Enjoy, see you next year, and don’t forget to always MAX THE MAX!!!

  • CLICK HERE for the full PDF report for Day 18 and the final contest results & statistics
  • CLICK HERE for a full list of listener predictions for this year’s contest


Below are the final standings for all of the wrestlers in the G1 in their respective blocks.

Rank A Block B Block
1 Kota Ibushi (14) Kazuchika Okada (16)
2 Shingo Takagi (13) Jeff Cobb (16)
3 KENTA (12) EVIL (14)
4 Zack Sabre Jr. (12) Hiroshi Tanahashi (8)
5 Toru Yano (10) SANADA (8)
6 Tomohiro Ishii (10) Hirooki Goto (6)
7 Great-O-Khan (8) Taichi (6)
8 Tanga Loa (6) Tama Tonga (6)
9 Yujiro Takahashi (5) Yoshi-Hashi (6)
10 Tetsuya Naito (0) Chase Owens (4)


Points Contestant
66 Zack Smith – 1ST PLACE
64 rvd311 – 2ND PLACE
64 ifightgiants – 3RD PLACE
rvd311 correctly predicted Okada as the B Block and Overall G1 winner, granting them the tiebreaker over ifightgiants who picked Cobb for both the B Block winner and overall G1 winner.


Below are the contestants that correctly picked all five match results correctly for the last day of block matches.

Optimus Maximus


C-Block Competitor Total Points Day 18 Points
Kate From Montreal 60 3
Brad The Archivist 56 2
Randobot 2000 53 2
Mark Buckeldee 51 3
Mike Murray 49 2
Vivienne Murray 48 4
Eric Marcotte 44 1


Below are statistics showing what percentage of listeners, as a group, correctly predicted the winners of today’s matches. Winners are in bold.

Correct % Correct # Match
63% 132 Kazuchika Okada vs. Jeff Cobb
47% 97 Yoshi-Hashi vs. Chase Owens
44% 92 Hirooki Goto vs. Tama Tonga
40% 84 SANADA vs. EVIL
36% 74 Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Taichi


If you download the final PDF there are more detailed stats in some of these categories but here are some highlights:

  • Most predicted block winner pairing: Ibushi vs. Okada: 47 of 208 (23%)
  • Biggest upset: Yujiro Takahashi beating Kota Ibushi: 6 of 208 (6.3%)
  • Most accurately predicted: Kazuchika Okada vs. Chase Owens: 202 of 208 (97.1%)
  • Randobot 2000’s final score: 53 out of 90 (60%)
  • People who did better than Randobot: 125 of 208 (60% of people)
  • People who tied or did worse than Randobot: 83 of 208 (40%)
  • Mirror Universe Gedo Award (least points): The Scorp (38 out of 90 – 42%)
  • Most “Perfect Club” days: Mario P with 7 days of perfect picks
  • Most Improved vs. 2020: N7Warlock85 improved by 13 points scoring 61 out of 90 this year as compared to 48 out of 90 last year. Great job!

This is all Naito’s fault! I can’t believe Gedo changed the result of nearly every match in both blocks following that injury…

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Thanks again Chris, this contest is the highlight of the POST wrestling year. Amazing work.

Congratulations Zack and Kate on your wins.

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I beat RandoBot! I would’ve done slightly better if Naito didn’t have to go and get himself injured. There’s always next year. Sanada for G1 32!

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Thanks! It’s always a fun endeavour but I am looking forward to sleeping past 5:30 AM for a while. :smiley: Thanks to everyone who participated.

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Thanks for the Work! It is always fun to participate in the contest. In the last 2 years I did a lot of prep before submitting my picks - this year I wasnt in the mood and did submit the picks just a few hours before the deadline and that with not too much tought. So I am amazed that i became third with my RayT, even more so since i had a 0:5 at monday Block Final!
Congrats to the Winners, Zack and Kate.

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