G1 Contest: Proofreaders needed

Hi, folks. I’m in the process of putting together this year’s G1 contest form. The four-block format is necessitating some format changes. I’d appreciate a few people to test/proofread the form before it goes live to make sure everything is correct. If you could help me out, please PM me. I need maybe 4-5 people. Thanks!

OMG, is that Chris’ music?!

I can offer assistance tonight. Late. East Coast standard time.

I can proof read if needed. I just built my own contest for me & my friends on google forms. Hit me up if needed

Sorry I didn’t respond to you. I appreciate your willingness to help! Several other listeners jumped in and were able to confirm the contents of the contest form.

…and for those that may not have seen, the G1 Contest form is open for your submissions at the link below:

Deadline for entry is 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Friday, July 15th. Randobot has already submitted their picks so join now and see if you can beat the bot!